Emblem3 Alphabet, Day 5 – U to Z

Emblem3 have captured our hearts and our spirits since Sweety High interviewed them during their competition on The X Factor! Here are the last letters of our Emblem3 alphabet!

And before you read on be sure to check out our interview with Emblem3!

U -Ukulele

Drew Chadwick rocks  a ukulele
Drew is a talented ukulele player, rocking the tiny instrument on original songs such as Indigo! It's hard not to feel like you're on a tropical vacation listening to lovely ukulele music like that!

V – Vocal Lessons
Emblem3 get a voice lesson during the X Factor
When the X Factor gave a behind-the-scenes look into the act's vocal lessons, Emblem3's  seemed a bit more rigorous than those of the other groups… primarily because Keaton was upside-down doing a handstand as he warmed up! Click here to check it out!

W – Wesley Stromberg

Wesley Stromberg of Emblem3
Wesley Trent Stromberg, born December 6, 1993, is the lead vocalist and one of the founding members of Emblem3. He was only 12 when he met Drew Chadwick, and they've been good friends and bandmates ever since.

X – The X Factor

Simon Cowell pushes Emblem3 through on the X Factor
In September of 2012, Emblem3 auditioned for the X Factor and set off on a journey that's led them to selling out concerts across the country! Even though the boys didn't win the overall competition, the show has put them in a great place to become the next big thing!

Y – Young Hollywood

Emblem3 interview with Young Hollywood
Young Hollywood have long been supporters of Emblem3, even throwing a birthday bash for Keaton and Wesley's mom!

Z – Zuni

Keaton serenades his pet cat, Zuni
Zuni is Keaton's cat, who happens to have a theme song about being a cat who doesn't like to have fun. What could be cuter?

Hope you loved letters U-Z!

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