Emblem3 Official Chloe Music Video- Sweety High Exclusive!

Check out this exclusive new shot from the Emblem3s Official Chloe music video- exclusive at Sweety High! This is their first music video, but insider sources say the boys  actually filmed another music video for Chloe. They didn't like it, and decided to shoot the video with new director, Ray Kay!

The video was filmed at the Avalon in Hollywood, and shows fans dancing with Keaton, Wesley, and Drew of Emblem3 onstage in front of a massive crowd. How lucky are these girls?

The music video works around the motto "I'm a Chloe." Chloes are the girls who get overlooked, who are full of inner beauty. They band together, and hand out "I'm a Chloe" buttons to each other to help spread the understanding that these girls are special.

The "I'm a Chloe" buttons also happen to be tickets into an exclusive Emblem3 concert! When the "mean girls" at school who bossed around the Chloes try to get into the concert, they get rejected. We absolutely love the idea.

In the video, the Chloes get invited onto the stage to sing and dance with the boys.

We're totally excited to check out the amazing plot and the boys' awesome performance!

This all comes right before the launch of the "Chloe" lyric video, which premieres tomorrow. We're excited to see that, but it's going to pale in comparison to this real video!!!

Emblem3 says that Chloe isn't just about a girl. 'Chloe' is a being," they said in an interview with Fuse. "It's a person whose inner beauty outshines and is more attractive than their outer beauty. We want to open people up to that concept, not jam it down their throats"

We think the band are doing an amazing job spreading that message. Comment if you can't wait to see the video!

Want to win one of the "I'm a Chloe" buttons from the actual video?


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