Emblem3's Chloe Is Up on iTunes!

Emblem3's Chloe, their  first-ever single, has just gone up on iTunes and is already a huge hit! In honor of the success of the boys, check out this interview we did with them earlier this year!

Before the show in March, we had shirts custom-made for the boys with light-up Emblem3 logos that respond to sound. Within moments, it was very clear that the shirts amused the boys. We were glad they were a hit, even if Keaton had second thoughts.

"I feel kind of weird wearing my own t-shirt" Keaton admitted.

Keaton Stromberg of Emblem3

Wesley was less shy about wearing a t-shirt with his own band's name on it.

"I do it all the time," Wesley said. Later he wore the shirt during the group's sound check.

Drew spent a lot of time toying with his shirt, getting a bit philosophic at one point.

"What if you were silent and it kept going because you just had that much energy?" Drew asked.

Without missing a beat, all three boys went silent- for a few seconds, at least. It didn't work… but it would have been pretty cool if it had.

Drew Chadwick demonstrates his motto, "Namaste"

"We need to give out a hundred million of these," Keaton said.

If only we had a hundred million to give!

Sweety High interviewed Emblem3 last about their stint on The X Factor, where they came in at an impressive 4th place.

In the meantime, it seems the boys haven't been changed by fame.

"We've just been being," Drew said. "Just being. Experiencing life."

Rolled up into the experience that is life is working.

"We've been in the studio recording and it's been amazing," Wesley said.

Wesley Stromberg of Emblem3

The boys have been busy with a line of concerts throughout Southern California and are headed to a string of East Coast shows in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, plus two shows in Chicago.

"That was a big present," Wesley said. "The East Coast shows sold out in like a minute."

Before the show, Drew was busy handing out red roses to lucky fans.

"Sorry if I didn't get you a rose," he apologized to the fans at the show. "I only got one bouquet."

Drew Chadwick apologizes for not having enough roses to give out to the fans

Wesley came to his defense. "He doesn't have enough, but it's the thought…"

What's the boys pre-concert routine? Keaton walked us through his day.

"We woke up around 10," Keaton said.

"Tried to get Wes to go to the gym for about two hours. He got ready in approximately two hours."

Wesley had an excuse ready. "The house needed to be cleaned up," he said. "Tidied up a bit."

Asked about how their lives have changed since The X Factor, Keaton replies first.

"My life has changed," he said.

Thanks for being specific, Keaton! Wes bended over laughing, saying it was "the funniest thing [he'd] ever heard."

Pressed for the specifics, he finally answered.

"I got noticed by a couple girls today," Keaton said. "They knew who I was!"

But the boys are still as they ever were, and continue to love the outpouring of love for fans. In fact, there seems to be just one thing about the fame that Wesley just hates.

"Why do they have barricades?"  he wondered.

Hope you loved it! Do you love Emblem's Chloe? Tell us what you think in the comments section!