You Need to Know About Embody's One & Done Oil Cleanser

As someone who's a fanatic when it comes to a nighttime skincare routine, I need the perfect products to get me ready for bed.

I've tried so many combinations of face washes and makeup removers, never finding anything that was just right. I used throw-away wipes to remove makeup for a long time before moving on to reusable ones, however, neither were successfully doing what I needed them to. I also struggled to find a face wash that didn't irritate my skin, while actually doing its job of removing the last of my makeup.

So, when the team behind Embody reached out to me about their One & Done Oil Cleanser, I just knew I needed to give it a try. And it's honestly exceeded all of my expectations! Continue below to learn all about the brand and my experience with the One & Done Oil Cleanser.

The Brand

Embody was initially an all-edible skincare brand that sold gummies for bettering their customers' skin. The brand's goal is to simplify your routine while achieving effective results. The Founder and CEO, Jennifer Chung, explained that the gummies could do just about anything for the skin except clean it. So, it seemed like the right next step for the company to create the One & Done Oil Cleanser.

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One & Done Oil Cleanser: $32

The One & Done Oil Cleanser is largely comprised of sea buckthorn oil, maracuja oil and argan oil, resulting in a buttery consistency. And as someone who likes to avoid oils, I initially didn't see myself loving this product. But of course, I had to give it a proper try, and boy am I glad I did.


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After a long day of wearing makeup, I like to first apply my face wash, or in this case, oil cleanser. And with just two pumps of product on my hands, all I did was rub my face and my makeup was quickly and thoroughly removed. After adding some water and patting my face dry, Embody passed the test.

Then, I  would add some toner to my face for good measure with hyaluronic acid. And after using this product for a few weeks straight, I've seen a noticeable difference in my skin. Breakouts are minimal, my face doesn't feel dried out and I have an extra glow to my skin. It'that good!


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Bottom Line

If you're tired of your makeup remover and face wash but aren't willing to spend an arm and a leg on a product, Embody's cleanser is just what you need. And as someone who isn't typically into oil-based products, I can honestly say this has my approval! If you do like that feeling, you don't need any more convincing.

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