Everything You Wanted to Know About Singer and YouTube Sensation Emery Bingham

To make it big as a YouTube creator, you have to be able to do it all, and 13-year-old Emery Bingham has done precisely that.

She's a singer, makeup artist, model, content creator and influencer with big dreams and more than 375,000 YouTube subscribers, and we believe she's just getting started.

But if you're here, you probably already knew that. What you might not know are the following fun facts about her, provided by Emery herself. Keep reading to find out what makes her tick, and why she's definitely worthy of the title of Woman Crush Wednesday.

Emery Bingham Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Emery Bingham)

Name: Emery Rexine Bingham

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Birthday: May 14

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. Emery loves putting on shows for Roblox.

"I spend hours building the stages for each show and creating the exact costuming and dances, and I even design my Roblox faces! I perform and also have guest performers. I am truly obsessed and I love how we fill the server to capacity and everyone has a great time. When the show is over, I love when people DM me with selfies and let me know how much fun they had."

-Emery Bingham

2. Her biggest pet peeve is when people say that she wants to be Ariana Grande.

"I've covered a lot of her songs because they're really good songs, but I don't want to be Ariana. I aspire to be as successful as she is in the music world and have my own career. She's a great role model for a young artist to look up to."

-Emery Bingham

3. She recently binge-watched all of Dance Moms.

"My whole family is obsessed with it, and we're even watching it a second time!"

-Emery Bingham

4. She says the scariest thing she's ever done was getting an otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery.

"I was so afraid to be put under anesthesia. In the end, it turned out great and I'm really glad I did it, and with the doctor's help, we even documented the whole process on video for my YouTube channel."

-Emery Bingham

5. She always cries at movies when something tragic happens to an animal.

6. The No. 1 thing on her bucket list is for her music career to grow enough that she can go on tour and perform in an arena.

7. Her favorite Disney movie is Frozen.

"I've loved it ever since it came out."

-Emery Bingham

8. She's always wanted to learn to play the piano.

"I have a keyboard and I play around once in a while, but most of the time, I don't have the patience to sit still—but one day I'm gonna learn! Since my focus is really on music, it makes sense."

-Emery Bingham


9. Creativity and imagination are at the core of Emery's identity.

"Whether it's my music, makeup looks (which my followers already know is another obsession of mine) or writing and directing crazy short films or even designing my Roblox shows. I always try to create something that people want to watch or listen to. I started my YouTube channel when I was 7, and when I look back now at my old videos, first I laugh, but I also think I was pretty creative even for the young me. I've always had a great imagination!"

-Emery Bingham


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