The Best Outfits From Emily In Paris Season 2

Season 2 of Emily In Paris landed on Netflix last week, and we still can't get over the fashion.

From Emily to Mindy to Camile, all three ladies seriously gave us their all. But if we had to pick a winner, it'clearly Mindy. Her style has evolved from the first season, and we think her character gave the most risks. Look below if you're interested in getting a look at all of the best outfits from season two of Emily In Paris!

Emily in this Giambattista Valli red gown is pure perfection:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Mindy in this MARTIN MARTIN ivory satin blazer is giving us all the Parisian vibes:


(via @ashleyparklady)


Emily, Mindy and Camile give us their all in these South of France-inspired outfits:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Emily's glasses and headscarf are the perfect "off-the-train" look, but tbh, we weren't a fan of the gloves she seemed to wear with almost every outfit:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Mindy's black catsuit was sexy, feminine and ultra-chic:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Emily's Anouki heart dress was iconic and Mindy's Voltaire suit gave off boss-lady vibes:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Mindy's shoes gave us a headache but Camile's red power suit was stunning:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Emily's checkered bucket hat paired perfectly with her buzzy outfit:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Mindy looked like a freakin' goddess in this yellow gown:


(via @kev.dias)


Camile gives off a casual summer look in this cropped sweater:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Mindy absolutely slays in this Patricia Fields and The Blonds collab for her drag show outfit:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Emily's pink-heavy outfit is giving us all the Barbie vibes while Camile keeps it cool in a leather ensemble:


(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Emily kills it in a Rotate Birger Christensen dress with a big pink bow while Mindy gives off a dreamy Grecian vibe in an Oscar de la Renta gown with strappy gold heels:




Mindy looks like a supermodel in this red number, but can we have a moment for the boots please?:


(via @kev.dias)


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