Quotes From Emily in Paris Season 2 That Make Great Instagram Captions

Season 2 of Emily In Paris finally landed on Netflix today, Dec. 22, and we couldn't be more excited.

And yes, we binged it all in one day, don't shame us! If you're in the same boat as us, we're willing to bet you laughed out loud while watching this season. It was all sorts of funny and had tons of quotable moments. Feel like showing off your love for the show? Look below for some of our favorite quotes from Season 2 of Emily In Paris that also double as great Instagram captions.

For when you and your bestie are running in the same marathon:

"From now on, we are competitors, not friends."



For when you think you're drinking soda but it's milk:

"You're supposed to spray it, not drink it!"



For when you're in St. Tropez:

"The gay spray of St. Tropez!"

-Gregory Elliott Dupree


For when you make a new bestie in the gym's locker room:

"I've never met someone for the first time naked."



For when you get a stain on your friend's shirt you borrowed:

"I think most girls would forgive you. But a French girl? Nuh-uh."



For when you're bilingual:

"It doesn't matter what language we're speaking. I don't believe a word coming out of your mouth."



For when you're slow dancing with your S.O.:

"Keep the heat low and take it slow."



For when your French is horrible:

"Je suis triste d'être méchant, aka, I am sad that I am naughty."



For when you end up moving abroad:

"This isn't just a fun year abroad anymore. This is your life."



For when the chocolate you bought expires soon:

"I'm not going to fall in love with you if we have an expiration date."



For when you're running late and are feeling flustered:

"Sorry I'm so gay, I couldn't decide what to wear. Did I say gay? I meant late."



For when you're visiting France:

"Everybody's looking for a French daddy."



For when you never say no to french fries:

"I know how much the French love to say no."



For when you do something embarrassing:

"I'm a national embarrassment. Again."



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