Emily James' 'Cannonball' Is a Dreamy Ode to Summertime Love

If you're feeling madly in love as the summer rapidly approaches, Emily James' "Cannonball" just might be your new anthem for the season.

With Emily's dreamy vocals and evocative lyrics, the singer-songwriter brings "Cannonball"'s romance to life. She bathes in the triumphant euphoria of love and soaks in all of the luscious details of the moment, while forgetting about everything else. We can only hope that the rest of her upcoming Illuminate EP will be just as magical–and we got the chance to speak with Emily all about "Cannonball," its lyrics and why it's a celebration of blissful love.

The Story Behind 'Cannonball'

Emily James: "Cannonball" is a song I wrote about my experience with falling in love with someone and allowing myself to fully dive into the relationship. I've written a lot of songs about the anxieties that can come with love and relationships, so I wanted to have a song that felt euphoric and summery, and serve as a celebration of that joy.


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What 'Cannonball' Means

EJ: This song holds a lot of meaning to me because it came from a real place and, like many of my songs, serves as a little time capsule of a moment in my life. It's almost like a sonic photo album or journal entry. And, I hope that it serves that same purpose for anyone listening to it; that it makes them think about and want to celebrate those special, intangible moments that we hold on to forever in our heads.

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Emily's Favorite Lyric

EJ: Ooooh, I think my favorite lyrics are the ones at the beginning of the chorus: "Now we're dancing on the rooftop stars surround me, city never felt so small. It's late my baby won't stop staring at me sippin' on his alcohol…" I just love the picture these words paint and the feelings they evoke. I'm really big on using distinct, conversational lyrics about tangible things. I'm such a hopeless romantic so I tend to romanticize very simple moments, and I think just naming the specifics in an experience can say so much more about how you feel than trying to explain your emotions.

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