Everything You Need to Know About Emma Chamberlain and Aritzia's New Fashion Campaign

Everyone's internet bestie, Emma Chamberlain, and everyday luxury brand Aritzia have just joined forces for a stunning new campaign, and we truly couldn't ask for more.

The internet personality, entrepreneur and fashionista is the face of a new Spring 23 campaign and collection for Aritzia's Sunday Best brand, and it all feels perfectly Emma. Curious? Here's what you need to know.

Sunday Best

While Aritzia is a design house best known for its high-end everyday pieces, its Sunday Best brand is all about looks that are youthful yet elevated, and nostalgic without leaning on retro styles. Its pieces are designed to be high-quality as well as timeless—the types of closet staples you can hold onto forever—and made for ever-changing styles, from playful to preppy and everything in between, so you can honestly express yourself at any point in your journey. The new Spring 23 collection officially launched on Thursday, Feb. 23, and while we loved the pieces at first sight, Emma Chamberlain has made us adore them even more thanks to "Sunday Musing."

Emma Chamberlain x Aritzia Sunday Best full outfit

(via Aritzia)


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'Sunday Musing'

After the Spring 23 collection launched on Feb. 23, the first episode of Emma Chamberlain's "Sunday Musing" series aired on Sunday, Feb. 26, on the Aritzia website. Throughout the four-part series, Emma will showcase the brand-new Sunday Best styles—from flowy, draped dresses and chic every essentials and more—as Emma weaves a narrative reflecting on the cozy, quiet moments that come with Sunday mornings.

Emma Chamberlain x Aritzia Sunday Best sunday musing still

('Sunday Musing' via Aritzia)


It's stylish, whimsical and undeniably Emma as she muses on life, responsibility and self-perception, and reminds us that getting dressed in the mornings gets a lot easier when we love the pieces we wear. New episodes will debut every Sunday through March 19, with Emma musing over a different subject (and wearing fabulous outfits) in each one.

Emma Chamberlain x Aritzia Sunday Best leaning back

(via Aritzia)


"I have been a fan of Aritzia for years, so working with them was so exciting for me," Emma shared in a press release. "I was especially excited to shoot their Sunday Best campaign because the brand perfectly embodies my style, which is a little bit of everything."

Emma Chamberlain x Aritzia Sunday Best laying on pillow

(via Aritzia)


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