Here's What We REALLY Think of Emma Chamberlain's Steeped Chamberlain Coffee Bags

When Emma Chamberlain told her millions and millions of YouTube subscribers that she was launching her own steeped coffee line (aptly named Chamberlain Coffee), we were among the insanely curious fans.

It only makes sense that the cyber sensation created a brand devoted to her (second) utmost passion—and with that, we kind of had great faith she'd knock it out of the park.

So we were in for the ultimate treat when we actually received a press release from the brand's manufacturer, offering us samples for review!

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The Product

Let's start with the cute packaging. Covered in green, mauve and black text and design, the square-shaped plastic wrapping containing the steeped baggie is adorned with a crown at the top, and a mouth image surrounded by quote bubbles that say "rich" and "smooth."

When you turn over the package, you find comprehensive images telling you just how to make this magical brew. Simple enough, users are instructed to submerge, saturate and steep.

With a price point of $10 for five bags, some argue it's a bit costly (compared to, let's say, 12 Trader Joe's Electric Buzz Coffee Cups for $5.49), but it's important to note that these are perfect for on-the-go or at school or work when a caffeinated coffee jolt isn't necessarily at your fingertips. Also, for the avid Starbucks consumer, this is most definitely less pricey than your weekly latte binges.

The bags boast notes of chocolate, cherry and nuts, originating from Columbia, Guatemala and Nicaragua. They're medium roast, freshly ground and nitro sealed, with compostable and renewable materials, making every cup eco-friendly.


The Experience

When my package of five arrived, I couldn't wait to rip a baggie open! I've never had steeped coffee before and I think it's a genius idea. Also, given the internet personality's expertise (and excess consumption) in the field, I didn't expect her to make coffee for wimps. And sure enough, once opened, I got a major whiff of the flavor notes and they sure were powerful!

I was a bit nervous at first because I didn't want to overdo it with my hot water pour. But also, I didn't want to pour too little. I kind of played around a bit, adding and subtracting as I sipped, and then of course throwing some unsweetened coconut milk into the mix. And voila—cup made!

While I think I'll have to play around a bit more with my pour, the coffee itself is good. And I feel much more alert after having sipped it than I did prior.

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Bottom Line

These baggies are incredibly convenient for my office because we don't have a Keurig—and I'm terrible at brewing a coffee pot, as we have to do here. We do have a Starbucks across the street, but it's next to an unsafe intersection that I'd prefer to avoid at all costs. Given those factors, you could say I'm all for these on-the-go goodies.

I guess above all else, they have rich flavor and seem to have just the right amount of caffeine. I don't feel jittery after an indulgence, yet I also don't feel like I need to close my eyes. I do think if you weigh in the external factors, the price point really isn't that alarming. And as if that wasn't enough, the packaging is A+.

Well done, Emma!


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