5 Times Emma Chamberlain Was the Most Relatable YouTuber

Emma Chamberlain is known (and beloved) on YouTube for her ridiculously relatable content.

While some famous faces on the social media platform use it to give their millions of followers and subscribers a look into their picture-perfect lives, Emma's videos are filled with real, less-than-perfect moments that have endeared her to people all over the world. Whether she's struggling to prove her "athletic abilities," or nearly in tears because it's taken oven an hour to find her ride at the airport, Emma's content continually proves that she's totally one of us.

Scroll down for a list of five times Emma Chamberlain was the most relatable YouTuber!

When She Proved Her 'Athletic Abilities'

In a video from Jan. 2018 called "proving my athletic ability (not trying to brag)," Emma journeyed to a tennis court with her dad and was relatable from start to finish. The video began with her detailing her tough morning, which included waking up late, not liking the "tragic" outfit she'd chosen the night before, and having to put gas in her car because the tank was nearly empty. And while YouTube is filled with some pretty awesome, athletic people, Emma had no problem showing her followers that she isn't exactly one of them. During her attempt at running she jokingly declared, "My fastest mile time was like, 10 minutes," and she didn't even attempt to show off her jumping skills. Basically, we've never felt more understood.

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When She Traveled Alone for the First Time

Traveling alone for the first time can be scary, which is why Emma documented her first solo trip in a YouTube video from April 2018. She was headed to Arizona from San Francisco, California, to meet up with fellow YouTube stars Ellie Thumann and Hannah Meloche, and the experience was a bit anxiety-provoking.

"I don't how to do anything," she admitted before boarding her flight. "I don't know how to check my bags, I don't know how to do any of that." Though Emma's flight went off without a hitch, the travel day certainly had its fair share of obstacles.

For starters, Hannah's flight was seriously delayed, with meant Emma and Ellie had to wait near the airport for her plane to land. To kill time they got food, gas, and danced in a bathroom, as one does.

When Hannah's flight finally did touch down, it took the trio over an hour to find Ellie's car in airport parking, and they were only able to locate it after setting off the alarm. Anyone who's ever experienced any obstacles while traveling (solo or otherwise) will surely relate to this video.


When She Thanked Her YouTube Followers

In an April 2018 YouTube video simply called "thank you," Emma expressed gratitude after reaching one-million followers. While the video certainly had its share of funny jokes from the cyber star, she also used the opportunity to share her genuine thanks. "I normally don't get real sappy on this channel," she said. "But I feel like this is kinda different. I feel like I owe you guys a thank you."

Emma went on to say: "When I first started my channel, I literally did it because I was sad and I had no friends. Now I feel like I have a bunch of friends." She then thanked her followers for making her feel happy and "not as lonely." Emma also opened up about some of the struggles she faced as a burgeoning YouTube star and concluded her appreciation video with a valuable piece of advice for her fans: "You have no clue how successful you're going to be until you try it."

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When She Dishes on the Struggles of Baking

In a video aptly titled, "My Birthday is Ruined" from May 2018, Emma attempts to make vegan lemon cupcakes to celebrate turning 17, but she's well aware that cooking videos can be a bit controversial, especially given that some viewers have dietary restrictions. As she puts it: "I choose to make vegan things, because if I don't make it vegan then I get roasted."

After admitting she's "tired already and we haven't even started," Emma gets super real about what a pain in the neck baking actually is, pointing out that once she's done cooking, she'll still need to wash all of the dishes. "I don't even like baking," she candidly declares about halfway through the cupcake-making process.

Considering she's making something for her own birthday, Emma also uses this opportunity to reflect on getting older, which is something she's not really a fan of. "I wanna be 16 forever," she declares. "Being 16 is the funnest age and it took me the entire year to realize that." Same, girl. Same.

After realizing she forgot the flour, Emma then muses about how she fears dying alone and reflects on the fact that she's been single her entire life. Basically, this video was filled with one relatable thought after another. Furthermore, after baking for three hours, Emma frosted the cupcakes, took one bite and threw them into the trash because they didn't taste good. There's something to be said for a gal who is open and honest about her culinary struggles!


When She Surprised Her Dad for His Birthday… and He Wasn't All That Emotional

After relocating to Los Angeles from San Francisco, Emma decided to surprise her dad for his birthday. She documented the surprise in a July 2018 video called "Surprising My Dad for His Birthday," which she (somewhat jokingly) hoped would be a teary, emotional occasion. Though Emma's dad was happy to see her, he was relatively "chill" and not quite as moved as she would have liked. That's where the relatable part comes in. "No tears, nothing to clickbait with," Emma mused. "Yes, I'm a little bit mad, dad. Please do better next time."

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