Everything You Need to Know About Emma Minhui Ye of Flipped Lab

We love an educated woman who's turned her knowledge of business into a brand everyone can love—and that's exactly what Emma Minhui Ye has done.

The Yale grad is the founder of Flipped Lab, a sportswear brand with youth culture and attitude at the center of its mission. From matching sets to performance gear that will transform your workouts, their offerings have us obsessed. We just had to learn more about the brand and Emma herself, and if you want to, too, just keep scrolling to see what we found out in the interview, below!

Name: Emma Minhui Ye

IG Handle: @yuanwaiwai and @flippedlab_official

Hometown: China

Zodiac sign: Chinese sign is Snake

Emma Minhui Ye real girls sweet style

Fun Facts

1. Emma can't pick a favorite TikToker.

"Personally, I'm such a fan of many TikTok influencers, and most of them are so creative and have strong personalities. Currently, I can't actually pick a favorite, yet!"

-Emma Minhui Ye


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2. When she's in a rush, you can find her wearing sportswear.

3. Her brand, Flipped Lab, is all about youth culture and attitude.

"Flipped Lab creates activewear that embodies and confidently celebrates youth culture and attitude. It's made to service all sports disciplines. We capture vitality from skating, surfing, street dance and other active sports that create their own cultures and fashion. We use cutting-edge fabrics, unique patterns and inspirational art and collections to express our passion for active lifestyles both today and in the future!"

-Emma Minhui Ye

4. Emma's favorite piece from her brand is the Grass Checker Tank Top ($48).

"This particular checkerboard is called the Ichimatsu pattern in Japan. It became popular during the Edo period when a kabuki actor by the name of Ichimatsu made it his trademark look. The pattern makes a bold statement, and the two stripes are perpetually intertwined, symbolizing 'infinite prosperity.' We hope every young woman who wears this pattern feels emboldened, without restraint, ready to break the rules, create infinite possibilities and prosper in life. Besides that, it's also super soft, suitable for various types of sports, easy to match and, most importantly, it's made from biodegradable yarn, which won't create any additional burden on the environment. This makes me more willing to wear it more often!"

-Emma Minhui Ye

(via Flipped Lab)


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5. She used to work in finance.

"Don't assume that just because I used to work in finance that I'm a super boring person! I used to be a bass guitar player in a band, and I organized three talent shows at Yale. While in the process of building Flipped Lab, any opportunity to combine our brand and music, like offline events, gets me excited."

-Emma Minhui Ye

6. Emma has always wanted to create a brand that "resonates with the younger generation and that celebrates youth culture through prints, patterns, and stories."

7. Her personal style gravitates toward athletic.

"I'm always passionate about an active lifestyle, so my personal style has always been more athletic. I believe that a healthy and strong body is the best makeup. This is not influenced by a specific person, as I've always liked sports since I was very young. I've gained so much from sports. Now that I'm running my own business, whenever my thoughts are chaotic, I'll go swimming, and running at night has been my routine for many years. Thus, comfortable and convenient sportswear is naturally my first choice."

-Emma Minhui Ye

8. She embraces her gap teeth.


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9. Emma's professor from Yale had a catchphrase that stuck with her.

"Anjani Jain, the vice dean of the Yale School of Management, had a catchphrase in class: 'How hard could it be?' I've been deeply influenced by this phrase, especially when I'm faced with many difficulties and a pile of urgent problems to solve. I would think of this phrase and remind myself to relax and solve each issue one by one. It's a seemingly simple phrase, but it possesses a lot of power. Whatever we encounter in our life, how hard could it really be, right?"

-Emma Minhui Ye

10. She enjoys the Y2K trend because of the nostalgia it gives off.


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