Everything You Wanted to Know About Actress and TikTok Superstar Emma Norton

There's a good reason Emma Norton's TikTok has more than 7 million fans from around the world so captivated.

The actress and TikTok superstar also dances, sings and does so much more with her creativity, bringing characters to life with incredible special effects, makeup as she dances, lip-syncs and more through her unforgettable videos. But who's the young woman behind the great videos? Here's everything we found out about Emma as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.


(Photo credit: Tim Schaeffer Photography)

Name: Emma Elizabeth Norton

Hometown: Denver, Colorado (currently lives in Los Angeles, California)

Birthday: October 6

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. The things that never fail to make Emma smile are old Tyler the Creator videos on YouTube, Pete Davidson and her closest friends.

"All of these things are my absolute 'go-to' when I need a good laugh."

-Emma Norton

2. She's the younger of two sisters.

"My older sister Julia is almost eight years older. In spite of the age gap, we've always been close and incredibly supportive of each other. Julia definitely paved the way with my parents, making it easier for me to pursue my dreams."

-Emma Norton

3. She'll be the first to admit that her bucket list is kind of long.

"More than anything, I'd love to play a misunderstood villain character in a Marvel or DC film. Beyond my career, I'd love to go skydiving and travel all over Europe and Asia with my best friend."

-Emma Norton

4. When it comes to her favorite concerts ever, it's a tie between Ariana Grande at The Forum in Inglewood and Billie Eilish at Red Rocks in Colorado.

"They're both such incredible performers who put every ounce of their heart into their music and the overall audience experience. I felt fully immersed in their world when I watched them perform."

-Emma Norton

5. The last song she had stuck in her head was "Costa Rica" by Bankrol Hayden, but she says anything by Machine Gun Kelly and Ashnikko is also a total earworm.

6. She loved the new movie Cruella.

"My new favorite Disney villain, played by one of my all-time favorite actors, is Cruella (Emma Stone)."

-Emma Norton

7. People may not know this about Emma, but she's an excellent skier.

"I've always loved speed, and I was immediately drawn to the thrill and feeling of freedom that comes with skiing. Growing up in Colorado has a lot to do with my love for thrill-seeking and the outdoors."

-Emma Norton

8. She says that when she gets discouraged, her friends are her best sounding board.

"Music and meditation also help clear my mind."

-Emma Norton

9. Of all the apps on her phone, Emma says she couldn't live without Insta.

"I'd have to say Instagram is my mainstay app on a day-to-day basis."

-Emma Norton

10. Most importantly, Emma says that treating everyone with kindness—including her detractors—is core to who she is as a human.

"Also, giving my time and bringing attention to honorable social causes like Lollipop Theater and charity: water fills me up."

-Emma Norton


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