How Emma Norton Channeled Her Imagination to Become a TikTok Superstar

Fans of TikTok star Emma Norton understand that creativity lies at the center of everything she does.

Emma has more than five million TikTok followers at the moment, and if you've watched her incredible videos combining dancing and lip-syncing with out-of-this-world makeup and fashion, then you know she's earned every one of them. October, in particular, has been her time to shine as she's been showcasing wonderfully spooky looks in simultaneously hilarious vids.

It's clear she's a master who knows exactly what she's doing, so we had to ask her all about it. Keep reading to find out how Emma has cultivated her imagination and creativity and turned them into TikTok success, and discover the advice she has for TikTok newbies looking to grow.

Sweety High: When you first joined TikTok, did you ever anticipate you'd be as big on the platform as you are today?

Emma Norton: I started TikTok without any expectation of success. TikTok was a way to stimulate my own creativity during the COVID-19 lockdown. I put 100% into everything that I do, and I guess my success on TikTok is a result of working hard every day.

Emma Norton crown royalty photo by Sophia Pelletier

(Photo credit: Sophia Pelletier Photography)


SH: What kinds of videos drew you to TikTok?

EN: At first, I was drawn by P.O.V videos. And that led to expanding into a wider variety, including videos showing my style, dancing and lots of characters.


SH: How do you think it's changed and evolved since you've been there?

EN: As I mentioned, when I started in early 2020, people were interested in P.O.V. videos. Over time, I think TikTok content has broadened a lot. I see lots of dancing, how-to videos (cooking, make-up, etc.), comedy, socially conscious content, special effects and sports—to name a few!


SH: What kinds of content do you typically find the most fun to make?

EN: The most fun for me is creating videos that cross over multiple categories. In other words, acting with the look and makeup of a specific character—a style video inspired by a show. It's so fun playing characters that include my makeup and style. I think I've become known for my Harley Quinn looks, but I have just as much fun being an English princess or a killer clown. The variety is what is so much fun for me!


SH: Are your videos heavily planned out, or do you create them in the spur of the moment?

EN: Most of my videos are thought-out—sometimes for several hours. At times, I've planned videos or thought about new concepts for several weeks. I have a running journal where I put my ideas, and then wait for the right time to execute them. For example, I've been planning some of my Halloween videos since early September!

@emmanortssold lil draft since i'm packing right now 🙂♬ Devil in Disguise [feat. Elvis Presley "(You're The) Devil In Disguise"] – LLusion [TikTok Remix]


SH: What kinds of TikTok trends do you always get most excited to jump on and try out for yourself?

EN: I get excited about anything involving a transformation from one extreme to another. I like to feature an unexpected transformation of style, makeup and movement. I guess it's the surprise factor that I love!


SH: What is it about the TikTok platform that has really allowed you to grow and thrive there?

EN: TikTok has such an international appeal for users. You can create just about anything and there's likely an audience for it. The fact that there are no boundaries for what you can create (within reason) gives me license to do whatever I want. It feels so rewarding to have a vision, then execute it within a one-minute video.

Emma Norton crown royalty photo by Sophia Pelletier

(Photo credit: Sophia Pelletier Photography)


SH: Who have been some of your favorite content creators to collaborate with? Why?

EN: I actually like to collaborate with friends, especially friends with similar creative instincts. It's a great way to spend time with them, often at interesting locations, while creating something entertaining to share with millions of people. Mr. Ballen (while not a friend of mine) is a fantastic horror storyteller, so I've loved using his audios as the backdrop to my scary makeup videos.

@emmanortssIm never looking behind me again after hearing this omg????????♬ original sound – MrBallen


SH:  Are there any particular songs you're obsessed with that you keep coming to again and again in your videos?

EN: To be honest, no. I like to keep a really wide variety of sounds, genres and content. I like to keep things interesting, so I don't get stuck on one track.


SH:  What do you think sets you apart from all of the other content creators on TikTok?

EN: There are a lot of excellent creators and performers on the TikTok platform. What may set me apart (and I receive the most comments about) are my characters and stories—from the Queen of Hearts to Malfoy from Harry Potter. I try to create original content as much as possible.


SH:  What is your No. 1 tip for aspiring TikTokers to grow their following and get fans?

EN: My number one tip is to be proud of the content you produce, whether it goes viral or not. Another suggestion is to access the power of your imagination. Your imagination will provide endless opportunities to be original. Also, watch trends and see how you can add your own spin—that way you can get feedback from being compared with how others have created.


SH:  What are you up to next?

EN: Halloween is my favorite holiday, so expect to see a number of videos during October. I'm also working on a YouTube channel. I'm always working on my acting skills and audition whenever possible. My No. 1 goal is to become a TV and film actor.


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