Emma Roberts Wants to Star in a Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Movie!

Emma Roberts is our celebrity role model!

Not only does she have amazing style, but she also maintains her good-girl image and shows us that you can be a star and classy at the same time!

We love that about her!

One reason she has been able to keep a squeaky clean profile is because of how her family has raised her! "I have a great family and I'm so scared of my mother," Emma says, "I would never, ever do anything really bad because I'd be scared she would kill me."

That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that our good-girl Emma wants to play one of our favorite childhood superheroes for her next role!

"I would like to do a live-action of The Powerpuff Girls," says Emma.

That would be amazing! Hopefully her wish comes true! That's one movie we would not miss!