Ultimate Emoji Life Hacks You Need In Your Life

Is there anything that emojis can't do? Soon, you'll be able to order a pizza from Dominos just by tweeting out a pizza emoji, and the WWF is encouraging anyone using endangered animal emojis to make donations. Here are 12 emoji applications that would completely hack life as we know it.dominos pizza emojis we want

1. Tweet the nail emoji and a manicurist will show up on your doorstep and treat you to a spa day

manicure emojis we want

2. Tweet the blank face emoji to immediately erase a tweet you regret, not only from your feed, but from everyone's memory

blank face emoji apps we need

3.  Tweet the kissy face emoji at your crush and an algorithm will write a tweet on your behalf that is guaranteed to make him fall for you

smooch emoji apps we need

4. Tweet the winky face emoji and everyone will instantly understand the tone you were going for in your previous tweet, and not misinterpret it and get upset EVER

i was kidding winky face emoji apps we want

5. Tweet @mom with what you need and she will bring you all of the food, money and cute clothing you could ever need. Obviously, the last emoji has to show your gratitude.

tweeting at mom food money clothes emoji apps we want

6. Tweet the sign of a cute guy you meet and get back a full compatibility profile to see how things might work out

sagittarius emoji apps we want horoscope

7. Tweet the crystal ball emoji to get your horoscope for the day. Bonus points if it actually predicts the future.

crsytal ball future predicting emoji

8. Tweet your country's flag + what you want to say, then the flag of country that speaks the language you want for instant translation

translate american flag japanese flag emoji

9. Accidentally light your house on fire? Tweet it out to get the fire department to your house ASAP

house on fire emoji apps we want

10. If you're feeling a little sad, tweet a sad face and a line of puppy emojis to have some puppies sent over to cheer you up

sad crying face and dogs emoji apps we want

11 .Forget to get mom something for Mother's Day or her birthday? Just tweet some flower emojis @mom for an instant delivery!

mom mother's day flowers bouquet apps we want

12. If your battery is running low, tweet the charged battery emoji for an instant charge. Nothing could be better.

charged battery emoji apps we need

How would you use emojis to change your life? Let us know in the comments below and share your fav emoji memes with us at SweetyHigh.com.