I Made My Very Own Emoji Pillow—Here's How You Can, Too

All of you who love sewing or hope to become a fashion designer one day need to know about Fashion Camp.

Located at The District in Tustin, California, this skill-based learning studio provides a space where just about anyone can learn how to sketch, drape, create and sew anything and everything you can think of.

I attended one of the classes offered by Fashion Camp, where I made my very own emoji pillow. Read all about my experience below!

The class started with us choosing which emoji we wanted to transform into a pillow. Some girls chose a smiley face, while others opted for the nerd emoji. I went with the classic heart eyes emoji.

Next, we traced out the pillow pattern on some yellow felt using fabric chalk.

Tracing an emoji pillow template onto yellow felt

Once we all finished tracing the pattern, we cut it out. Then we got to work cutting out our smiles, eyes and other facial features that would make up our emojis.

After those were all cut out, we pinned them to the yellow fabric to keep them in place for the next step of hand-sewing on our faces.

Pinning on the face of an emoji pillow

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about how I'd do, as I hadn't sewn in a long time, but sewing on the heart eyes and smile was way easier than I expected it to be.

The more difficult part came when we used the sewing machine to sew our pillow pieces together. Somehow I managed to do it, though it took me a hot minute.

Sewing together an emoji pillow

And just like that, my pillow had come to life. I was pretty impressed with my skills, especially considering I was terrified going into this experience.

Once it was all sewn together, I stuffed it with a round pillow and voila! I'm so heart eyes over this little guy.????

Completed emoji pillow

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this Fashion Camp class.

You may worry you aren't the best sewer, but I promise you're probably better than you think.

I wouldn't let your fear of making a mistake keep you from attending one of the classes provided by Fashion Camp, especially because they can easily be fixed.

Or maybe you don't want to make an emoji pillow. Fret not, they offer a wide variety of classes where you can create just about anything. Head over HERE to check out their schedule.

What will you create, design and sew?


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