You Tell Us: Which Emojis Do You Need In The Next Update?

Unicode, the people who create all the emojis, have a batch of about 30 emojis that they will potentially release in 2016. The most exciting one on the list is the avocado emoji, which we've been waiting 5eva for!!!! Also really living for that bacon emoji. The shrugging girl emoji is us all the time, so we know which emoji is about to be in the top spot on our Frequently Used section. The owl is super cute and we will be finding any excuse to use it as often as possible. Not really feeling the clown one though. He's pretty creepy…

Unicode 2016 emoji candidates

(via NY Daily News)


There are still way more emojis than the ones pictured above that may actually be created, but there are definitely some that are noticeably absent from their list that we need to exist. We want to know which non-existent emojis you would rather see released, so vote now!







We'll be sure to send these results to the peeps in charge, so they get made ASAP. While you wait for the next emoji update, take THIS quiz to see which emoji you are.