The 5 Emotional Stages of Stalking Your Crush on Instagram

Ever stalked your crush on Instagram? Don't lie, we've all done it at some point.

It's quite the emotional experience, starting out as an experience filled with so much promise and joy. But it quickly turns chaotic as you get real deep into their profile.

Scroll below for the five emotional stages we've all experienced while stalking our crush on social media:

1. Curiosity

Usually this stalking sesh begins when you suddenly start thinking about your crush. You wonder what their life is like and about all the crazy adventures they've been on. You become so fascinated that you decided to find them on social media. What, a little Instagram scroll never hurt nobody? If the two of you already follow each other, then you've got it pretty easy. If you don't follow them, you end up searching their name or go through a line of people just to get to them. Once you finally find their Insta, that's when it all begins.

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2. Excitement

As you start looking at their profile, you feel this rush of excitement. You're ready to see tons of cute pics of your crush with their friends or some hot selfies. You spend your time looking over each picture for quite some time, wondering exactly what they were thinking while that photo was being taken and even envisioning your life together. You laugh at some of their witty captions, enthralled by their sarcastic sense of humor. Then you start to get a little impatient and begin to scroll through their photos hastily. You've lost all control of your fingers. This is the moment it starts to go south.

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3. Nervousness

You begin to scroll deeper and deeper into your crush's Insta profile. You've found yourself looking at photos from two, three, even four years ago. You know this is risky business, so you scroll on more attentively, making sure not to accidentally like any of them. One wrong double tap and this whole thing could blow up in flames. You don't want your crush thinking you're a creeper now, do you? Nevertheless, you continue on, because you need to know everything about your crush's life.

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4. Regret

And then you see it—a picture of your crush and their ex. This image will haunt you for the rest of your life. You immediately begin to compare yourself to their past S.O., wondering how you'll ever get your crush's attention when they dated somebody like that. Regret immediately begins to well up in your chest as you stare at that image. You then click to see if their ex was tagged in the photo, switching over to stalk their profile instead. You notice they no longer seem to care about your crush, which makes you feel a little better, but you can't help but feel sorry for all the stalking you just did. You then close Insta and move on with your day.

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5. Acceptance

At this point, you've basically accepted what you done and no longer feel any sort of remorse. You've owned your stalking adventure, because you know that everybody has done it at one point or another. You aren't the only one who will spend hours looking through your crush's Insta pics. You tell yourself you won't let it get this far again, but we all know that's easier said than done. Until next time!

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