All the Fun Facts You MUST Know About Boy Band Encore

Hot new band alert!

This week, we got to know boy band Encore and we were not disappointed in what we found out. Keep scrolling for all the fun facts you must know about these guys.

#MCM Encore

(Photo credit: Alyssa Dueck)

Names: Daniel Rafaelov, Donald Plant, Richard Plant, Zach Fedorowich and Joseph Lezak

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Birthdays: Feb. 28 (Daniel), Aug. 4 (Donald), Sept. 21 (Richard), Nov. 25 (Zach) and Sept. 17 (Joseph)

Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Daniel), Leo (Donald), Virgo (Richard and Josh) and Sagittarius (Zach)

Fun Facts:

1. Titanic is the one movie that always makes Daniel cry.

2. Donald is all about Marvel over DC.

"I love the Avengers so much and watching all the superhero movies. Iron Man is my favorite, but I really like how there's a sort of connection between all of the movies and how they all have different things that add to the final Avengers movies."

–Donald Plant

3. The movie that made the biggest impact on Donald's life is Love and Mercy.

"It's a movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. I saw it for the first time a few years ago, and I loved it ever since. It showed to me a lot of different things that can happen throughout life and since the Beach Boys were one of my favorite artists, it really stuck with me and I learned some good lessons that I use every day."

–Donald Plant

4. Zach's best friend in the entire world is his older sister.

"She's the one person I can talk to about anything. We also have the same sense of humor so we always have a good laugh whenever we hang out."

–Zach Fedorowich

5. Richard's favorite style trend at the moment is such a look.

"[I love wearing] basketball shoes, tight ripped jeans, a large buttoned up shirt with a cool design and shades that are kind of random and not ordinary."

–Richard Plant

6. Joseph's all-time favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.

"Aladdin was always my #MCM. I wanted to be as good looking as him, so I picked the next best thing and learned to sing as well as he could."

–Joseph Lezak


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