9 Clever Instagram Captions for All Your End-of-Summer Pics

Summer may be coming to a close, but your Insta game is just getting warmed up.

If you're planning on snapping tons of pics before fall officially starts, here are some clever quotes for captioning all of your end-of-summer pics.

For the pic of you and your friends cramming in every activity you can before summer ends:

"August is like the Sunday of summer."


For that last cute bathing suit shot at the beach with your besties:

"The tans will fade but the memories will last forever."


For the photo of you wearing your summeriest outfit even as it begins to get chilly out:

"It's always summer somewhere."

-Lilly Pulitzer


For the end-of-summer photo collage recounting all of your favorite moments:

"Every summer has its own story."


For the shot that captures the bittersweet arrival of fall:

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall."

-Oscar Wilde


For the rebellious photo of you wearing your sunglasses in class:

"They'll never, ever take the summer away from me."


For a pic of you looking happy and optimistic by the pool:

"Another summer is just around the corner."

For your glorious sunset pic in the very last day of summer:

"Endings can be beautiful."


For your very first back-to-school selfie:

"Time to officially remember what day of the week it is."


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