5 Signs It's Time to Call Your Relationship Quits

Relationships are an amazing thing. Having an S.O. you know you can turn to through thick and thin is a feeling unlike anything else.

But sometimes relationships don't always work out. You may be trying your best to save it, though you feel like it is a lost cause.

If that's the case, see if the following apply to your current situation. If they do, it's definitely time to call it quits.

1. Everything They Do Irritates You

Getting annoyed with someone happens. They may have said something that upset you or haven't paid enough attention to you, but if you find yourself insanely irritated by everything your S.O. does, that's not good. If they can't even cough without you glaring them down, you're not going to make it very far.

You shouldn't sweep their faults under the rug, but you should be able to deal with them in a constructive way. That not happening is something you need to address.

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2. You Only Keep Them Around Because You're Scared to Be Alone

Once you're in a relationship, it's that much more difficult to get out of it. Being single again after being a part of a whole is by no means easy. But if you're only with your S.O. because you like having someone around and don't want to deal with dating, you're clearly not as into them as you think.


3. You've Lost Yourself in Them

You may no longer feel like yourself in the relationship. Things started out great, but somewhere along the way you lost sight of who you really are. Relationships aren't meant to change who you are, they're there to improve elements of your character.

If you don't like the person you've become by being with your S.O., it's time to let go and find yourself once again.

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4. Your Friends and Family Despise Them

How your friends and fam feel about the person you're dating is very telling. They may not like them right off the bat, but they should eventually come around to them. If your bestie is constantly telling you how much they don't like the person you're with, you should heed their warning. They have your best intentions at heart and only want to see you happy, so why would you ignore their disgruntled feelings about your S.O.?


5. You Don't See a Future With Them

You should want to spend the rest of your life with the person you're with. Although you will change a lot during the next few years and you may grow apart, it shouldn't be difficult to envision your future together at the moment. If you don't feel that way about your current S.O., then it's definitely time to break up with them. It's not easy, but you've got to move on and find someone you can't bear to part with.

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