How Body Vibes Stickers Can Improve Your Energy, Mood and Life Balance

You've set your intentions, written in your daily gratitude journal, and you surround yourself with all the crystals and #goodvibes you can find—but what if there was a totally new way to up your frequency and mood, and all you had to do is wear an energy-charged adhesive?

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I first came across these game-changing Body Vibes stickers while visiting Emma Goodman at Skin Worship in Los Angeles, California, and moments after putting them on I became a believer.

I also noticed Dua Lipa is a fan, and wears the Anti-Anxiety Body Vibes to get rid of pre-performance jitters. Each Body Vibes is programmed with specific sub-harmonic frequencies to target particular lifestyle concerns, ranging from Energy to Anti-Anxiety, Self Love and even Beauty.

I mixed two stickers together—At the Beach and Energy—and felt the results almost immediately after placing them above my heart on my chest. I instantly felt more calm and at peace, while simultaneously feeling stronger and more empowered. I felt the effects most intensely the first day, but the vibrations and benefits lasted the entire 72 hours I had them on, and they even continued after I took them off.

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Now you may be thinking to yourself how on earth can a Band-Aid-like sticker revamp and reset your energy and alter your mood, but I promise the science behind this will shock you. The engineering became known as Bio Energy Synthesis Technology, and is found in these power-packed Body Vibes stickers.

Below, the Body Vibes co-founders Leslie Kritzer and Madison DeClercq break down how these magical guys work.

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Sweety High: Explain the frequency and emotional connection tied to each Body Vibes sticker

Leslie Kritzer: Bear with me, I'm going to nerd out a little bit. Every cell in our body stores and emits electricity. The body communicates through patterns of tiny electrical impulses. All living structures—plants, people and bacteria, can be identified by a unique energetic signature. These specific oscillating electrical currents (frequencies) are captured, recorded, and then programmed on to the discs by engineers.

Each smart sticker may have up to 33 different frequencies including: botanical, tonal, and established bio-wellness frequencies that are compressed into the same unit of energy traveling down our nerve pathways. In essence, Body Vibes explores the phenomena of bio-feedback: the art of measuring our own internal electromagnetic vibrations, in resonance with the natural elements.

Each of our Sacred Six collection is programmed with one of the Solfeggio tones that make up the ancient musical scale, said to have harmonizing effects on the body. Each of these tones is attuned to one of the seven major chakras (energy centers) which align the spine. These energy gateways are associated with specific emotional themes. For example, Anti-Anxiety is programmed with 396 Hz which is attuned to the "Root" chakra. The root chakra deals with issues of safety, self-preservation, safety, and trust in ourselves and others.

SH: What are the major benefits of Body Vibes?

LK: I wanted to provide a tangible experience of presence, whereby people begin to notice subtle energy shifts in their body. Western culture doesn't teach us the physics of our own being—that we are energy and connected to a greater cosmos. Once you become aware of your own energy (life force) you can learn to harness its power to spark great changes in your overall well-being.

SH: How do you know which Body Vibes sticker is right for you?

Madison DeClercq: To be honest, most people see the array of different stickers we offer and want to try at least two or three frequencies, sometimes more. We always recommend intuitively choosing which vibes appeal to you most. For example, if you need help concentrating and staying on task, then try the Focus sticker. If you deal with feelings of anxiousness and nervousness, then try Anti-Anxiety or Flower Power.

Most people love getting the variety 6 or 12-pack as a first time purchase to see how each of the stickers affects them before purchasing a therapy pack (10-pack) of one sticker. Also, you can always cocktail the vibes by wearing more than one sticker for compounded effects.

SH: What should you experience, feel or notice when wearing them?

MDC: The stickers affect everyone a little differently. Some people may feel more stimulated (like they just had a cup of coffee) when wearing the Energy or Focus vibe, while others may not notice much of a change until after they remove their sticker and realize after the fact how productive and energetic they felt. Same goes for the calming frequencies like Anti-Anxiety and At the Beach. Most people feel noticeably calmer and at ease when wearing these frequencies.

I personally feel less reactive and less overwhelmed when I wear the anti-anxiety, which is my favorite vibe to wear for day-to-day. The Beauty and Self-love frequencies are great to cocktail with any of the other vibes for an added positive well-being frequency.

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SH: Are they good for students who might feel anxious or stressed out? Which one would you recommend for them?

LK: Absolutely! In a world where we are surrounded by sensory overload and quick fixes that often compound the problem with side effects and dependency. Body Vibes is a holistic, chemical-free energy-restoration tool that can be used as a first step in promoting the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

I would highly recommend our In The Flow pack, which is currently sold at Nordstrom. This pack includes Anti-Anxiety, Focus, and At The Beach and was curated to help manage the life-work balance. Cocktailing these three vibes will support your nervous system, help you stay focused and help you maintain healthy connections with others.


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