English Lyrics From BTS's BE Album to Use as Instagram Captions

BTS just blessed us all with the Essential Edition of their BE album, and fans cannot stop talking about it.

Though fans didn't quite know what to expect up until the release, today we discovered that the set included the beloved eight-song album, plus never-before-seen snapshots of the band that are sending everyone wild. To celebrate, we've compiled a list of our very favorite English lyrics from the BE album which happen to double as amazing Instagram captions.

For when you survive something you thought was the end of the world:

"Yeah, life goes on like an arrow in the blue sky."

-"Life Goes On"


For when you find joy again:

"Get me outta my blues and now I'm feelin' brand new."

-"Fly to My Room"


For when you're up all night:

"Day or night, the sky's alight, so we dance to the break of dawn."



For when you're somewhere you'd really rather not be:

"Someone come and save me, please."

-"Blue & Grey"


For that relationship that's still just as good as it was at the start:

"Feel like it's still day one."

-"Fly to My Room"


For the pic of that person who sticks with you through thick and thin:

"Wherever you are, I know you always stay."



For when you're being forced to wait for something and you're not happy about it:

"It's killin' me slowly."

-"Fly to My Room"


For when you persevere, despite everything:

"Sick and tired but I don't wanna mess up, cause life goes on through the fire."



For when you're manifesting  your joy:

"I am singing by myself, I just wanna be happier."

-"Blue & Grey"


For when you just need some peace and solitude:

"Let me fly to my room."

-"Fly to My Room"


For that before-and-after pic of your glow up:

"I'm diamond, you know I glow up."



For that shot of you making your mark on the world:

"I will never fade away."



For that incredible moment you never want to forget.

"The present, it shine like a pearl."



For that pic of you strolling through town like you own it:

"Shinin' through the city with a little funk and soul."



For when you embrace your imperfections:

"Sometimes we get to know broken is beautiful."

"Fly to My Room"


For the shot of you traipsing through nature:

"Like an echo in the forest."

-"Life Goes On"


For when life treats you right:

"Life is dynamite."



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