EPEX Discuss Falling in Love and the Story of Their Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love EP

We hope you're ready for an epic EPEX comeback, because the K-pop group has made a triumphant return with their fourth EP, Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love, and it's all about what it means to fall in love.

The new EP continues the story of BIPOLAR Pt. 2 Prelude of Love, released exactly a year ago, showing an authentic portrayal of love that's sometimes messy and awkward but always pure. EPEX always delivers, and while we're especially loving the title track "Hymn to Love," all four tracks are swoon-worthy. We had the pleasure of chatting with the group about the comeback and what the new songs mean to them, and they dished on all of it in the interview below.

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Sweety High: What does the EP name Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love mean to the group?

WISH: Prelude of Love is an album that talks about the story of love, especially the love story of adolescence. While last year's mini album BIPOLAR Pt. 2 Prelude of Love dealt with the complex emotions of the beginning of the first love, this album Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love is part of the Prelude of Love series that tells a story about a boy falling in love in a delicate narrative.

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SH: What do you feel are the overarching themes of the EP? What kind of journey do you hope to take listeners on with it?

KEUM: As you can see from the album title, our new album is the album that really started the story of "love." It tells one story of a boy falling in love through four songs. The story contains the moment when the feelings of love come to the boys, the moment of nervousness when they confess their feelings, the moment when they proudly express their feelings of love and finally the oath of love for their lover until the moment they die. If you listen to the album by the track order, you will be able to enjoy this album even more.

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SH: Can you summarize The Story of Chunhyang (Chunhyangjeon) for our American audience who might not be familiar with it? How does it relate to the EP?

A-MIN: In Chunhyangjeon, 16-year-old Chunhyang meets Mongryong and falls in love for the first time. It is a classic Korean novel about overcoming adversity and ordeal from differences in status in the past and finally achieving love. This album contains the meaning that the main characters of Chunhyangjeon and the boys of the 21st century all share the same feelings. Several parts of the verses from "Hymn to Love"'s lyrics were adapted from the story of Chunhyangjeon.

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SH: What does the focus track "Hymn to Love" mean to the group?

AYDEN: The title song "Hymn to Love" is a bold and honest song about a boy who falls in love for the first time. It is a song that expresses the overarching theme of this album, which is that there are differences in the form and method of expression, but the fundamental nature of first love does not change.

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SH: What are the group's favorite songs on the EP?

MU: I like all the songs on this album, but I like "First Love's Law" the most. Not only is this song a good song, but also it goes well with our voices. I also like the choreography, so I think it's a song that achieves a perfect balance.

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JEFF: And I like "The Vow" the most. I personally like this song's style, and I think it's the most comfortable song to listen to. Also, there are so many pretty stories about confessing love in this song, so I really want ZENITH to listen to this song.

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

BAEKSEUNG: From this promotion, there will be more opportunities to meet our ZENITH, so all members are looking forward to it. Thank you for supporting us from afar and always loving us! We will do our best to show you a new and diverse side of us in the future! We love you ZENITH!

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YEWANG: Dear ZENITH! We've already got our fourth mini-album to present to you! We had a lot of time to think about love while recording this album, and you are always the first one that comes to our minds. Thank you for always supporting and loving us. Please give a lot of love to this album Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love, and we will wait until we meet you in person!

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