Epic, Starring Josh Hutcherson, Comes Out May 22!

Hunger Games heartthrob Josh Hutcherson lends his voice to the upcoming CGI adventure, "Epic!"

Josh Hutcherson voices Nod in the animated movie, Epic!

When a 17-year-old professor's daughter named Mary Katherine (voiced by Amanda Seyfried) gets shrunken down to minuscule proportions, she learns of an epic battle ensuing between the forces of good and bad.

In "Epic," Josh plays the Nod, a forest guardian in training. "My character, Nod, is a genuine, free-spirited, fun kind of guy," Josh says in one promo spot.

"My character is part of these warriors that basically protect mother nature," Josh says. "There are archers, there are swordsmen, and their fighting style is very swift and kind of samurai-like."

On the good side are the Leafmen, who are the guardians of the forest. On the other side are the evil Boggans, led by the villainous Mandrake.

"They … have to protect each other from Mandrake, played by Christoph Waltz," Josh says. "He's this nasty, gnarly guy who is very menacing."

This is Josh Hutcherson's first animated movie. He admits that it was kind of weird at first.

When you do an animated movie like this, and I see someone else's face saying my words, it's just really like… whoa," Josh said.

The movie premieres May 22, and will be in 3D! Will you go out to see it?