Eric Dash Interview & One More Love Song Preview!

Eric Dash is a young singer and songwriter based out of New York and Los Angeles whose first official music video drops on July 30!

Eric gave us a special behind-the-scenes look into the filming of his music video, plus a special interview about his inspirations and aspirations!

Eric Dash

Eric Dash was first inspired to become a musician by his father, who played the guitar and piano.

"I remember listening to him run through Santana tunes and always wanted to be able to do the same," Eric said.

Eric started writing songs when he was just 8 years old.

"I started writing because it was fun," Eric said. "My brother and I took songs and changed the words and melodies like Weird Al Yankovich. That turned into me writing my own original melodies and later adding my guitar into the mix."

He took up the guitar when he was 13.

"Starting so young helped a lot," Eric said. "Whenever anyone begins to do something at such a young age it's easier to get a grasp on the bigger picture."

Eric released his latest single, "One More Love Song," earlier this year. The song was inspired by the end of a relationship with an ex-girlfriend.

"I was just hurt," Eric said. "Even though I knew I had to give the idea of her up, I didn't want to part. So I wrote her one more love song."

Like many writers, Eric gathers his inspiration from a number of sources.

"Relationships, experience and God inspire me," he explained. "That's basically life in a nutshell!"

He said that sometimes, pure emotion is what inspires him to write song after song.

"The emotion is everything," Eric said. "I'll know to keep grinding on a song if it puts my chest in knots."

Eric currently has shows lined up in New York, Hollywood, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

"I'm pumped!" Eric said. "Playing with Pete Francis [of the band Dispatch] will be quite a trip. And I've always wanted to headline at Webster Hall so I couldn't be happier there."

Eric is constantly writing new material. He plans to release somewhere between two and four more singles before he settles down and works on a full-length record.

"The next one is my novelty song. I get sassy," Eric laughed.

Eric said that we can expect big things from him in the future.

"I work very hard and my parents taught me hard work pays off," he said.

If he could collaborate with any artist, Eric would pick Florence Welch of  the English indie rock band Florence And The Machine.

"Her voice to me is intoxicating," he said. "Can't get enough of it."

For other aspiring musicians, he just has four words of advice:

"Dream big. Don't settle," he said.

Make sure to check out the video for "One More Love Song" when it debuts on Cambio July 30!

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