Eric Dash Touring Soon with Heffron Drive!

Eric Dash is a singer-songwriter who divides his time between New York and Los Angeles, and is about to head out on his very first tour!Eric Dash Interview

In the past, we've chatted with Eric regarding the music video for his single "One More Love Song" and more, but in our latest interview Eric told us about his new video and upcoming tour!

Since we chatted with him last, Eric released an awesome new single, called "Ms. Sally Jones." He has also been finishing his first full album, playing shows, and set up his first tour ever supporting Heffron Drive!

"Ms. Sally Jones" is a song about heartbreak and the end of a bad relationship. Eric said the song was inspired by a real experience.

"A girl broke my heart and she sure wasn't nice about any of it," Eric said. "Plain and simple."

The music video for the new track released earlier this week! Eric decided to shy away from a literal interpretation for the video because the content was a little heavy.

"If we were going to be true to the song, it'd be a very emotional video," Eric explained. "So we decided to do a fun video, playing on the fun novelty lines of the song, really selling the cheating story in a way which is compelling and even humorous to watch."

From November 23 to December 22, Eric Dash will be joining Ariana & the Rose and Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt's band, Heffron Drive, on a tour across the U.S.!

"I'm extremely excited!" Eric said. "This is my first tour and I've dreamt about touring since I started writing songs when I was 8! Long time coming. I'm thankful Kendall and Dustin brought me onboard and I'm pumped for an adventure."

Eric hinted he might have some surprises in store for the upcoming tour, but wouldn't reveal what they were.

"I may have some things I'm working on, but if I told you then they wouldn't be surprises!"

We suppose fans will just have to go see Eric and the rest on tour to see! And if you can't show up in person, Eric suggested another way to keep up with all of the fun.

"Follow me on Twitter @ericfdash so you can experience the whole tour with me," Eric said. "It's going to be great."

You can also follow Eric on his Facebook and Youtube pages!

Can't wait for the tour to start? Join us at Sweety High and meet other music fans!