This Simple Device Aids Mood, Health, Scent and Overall Well-Being

I am not a fan of cliches, but I do tend to follow the phrase, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

That's why when I ordered Art Naturals' Bluetooth Oil Diffuser, I had medium to low expectations—I mainly ordered it out of plain curiosity.

Complete with mini bottles of eight essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree, frankincense, sweet orange, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary and lavender), this kit, which also comes with a misting diffuser, is presented as a way to naturally remedy a slew of mind and body ailments and living space discomforts. In addition, it even provides seasonal recipes for aromas around the house (ie. this will apparently be perfect for my next fall party).


From calming a crying baby, to eliminating shoe smell and pet odor, to concocting acne face wash and eczema eliminator, this kit can seemingly do it all—but can it?

I decided to host a fancy night in for me and me only, devoting the entire evening to relaxing (hopefully with the help of this kit). I kicked things off with a little hot yoga at my favorite spot in Los Angeles, California, which winded me down to put me in the right state of mind for what was about to transpire.

Following my sweat sesh, I came home and pulled apart the box of contents and flipped through the recipe pamphlet. I was truly blown away but its options and wasn't sure what to do first. Fresh from showering, I figured the perfect way to top it off would be a relaxing, meditative bath with some ambient music setting the tone. Added bonus: The diffuser has a button that allows you to connect to your Bluetooth, so you can hear your music selection while you absorb the soothing mist.

The bath remedy closest to the vibe I wanted said to add rosemary, which is known to improve your mood. Mind you, my mood was perfectly fine, but I did want it slightly heightened for the sake of my relaxation night. I shook some droplets of rosemary into my bath and soaked on in. I stayed in for about 10 minutes and once I was out, I felt incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated.

Once towel-dry, I headed to the kitchen and figured I'd make one of the suggested springtime aromas to accompany my sleep. I knew I wanted something with lavender (which enhances calmness and falling asleep) and sweet orange (I like the citrus kick it gives the overall scent), but when I browsed the five recipes, only one matched what I wanted. Unfortunately, a portion of the recipes included in the pamphlet are made with several of the other eight essential oils that aren't included in this kit (you can buy them in an additional set on the Art Naturals site).


Once I decided upon Blossom (3 drops of lavendar, 1 drop of sweet orange and 1 drop of rosemary), I opened the top half of the diffuser, filling the bottom up with water until the line that said MAX. I placed the required oil droplets into the water and placed the lid on top. This is where I advise to be extra careful, because the water drips out very easily when you try to transport the diffuser from one area to the next. Finally, I transported it to my bedside, plugged it in from the bottom, clicked the mist button and for how many hours I wanted it to mist, and no joke, within minutes, I was fast asleep. At one point I woke up in the middle of the night, used the restroom, crawled back into bed, clicked the mist button again and I was out cold.

As someone who has trouble sleeping, I was genuinely amazed how easily I fell (and stayed) asleep. And despite the difficulty getting out of my relaxing slumber in the morning, I felt great when I got out of bed.

Although these are just a few uses I experimented with, I have great faith that these remedies with do their justice. I am so excited to use the product, and for a whopping $59, I certainly got the bang for my buck. At-home meditation nights will soon be weekly, and with so many remedies to choose from, this definitely gives me much more of a reason to spend time focusing on myself.


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