Stressed Out? These Essential Oils Can Help

Essential oils are quite the powerful liquid.

As we've mentioned before, these all-natural, aromatic compounds, mainly sourced from plants, are used to enhance mood, sleep and overall well-being. They can also be used in cleaning supplies, and, quite frankly, almost anything else. Yep, they're amazing and inexpensive. And because they're in a concentrated form, a little bit goes a long way.


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

Something especially wonderful about these potent substances are their calming properties. A handful of essential oils have the ability to lift your mood and ease your stress. This process is known as aromatherapy, and the scent of the oils can be released via cotton ball, a hot bath, SlipSilk pillowcase or oil diffuser (we recommend Art Naturals and Saje).

A couple of warnings, too: Do not apply directly to the skin from the bottle, as some oils can have negative effects if applied improperly. Oh, and avoid letting oil get anywhere near your eyes.


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

Feel like some essential oils could do you some good right now? Keep reading for which scents are best and prepare to relax!

1. Frankincense

If you're stressed out before bed, decompress with a frankincense-filled bath. This oil immediately induces feelings of peace, relaxation and satisfaction.


2. Sweet Orange

Sweet orange, also referred to as citrus, is one of the lightest-smelling essential oils. It has a fresh aroma, and it's associated with happiness and cleanliness. Its ease on the nose makes it a common ingredient in many household products and various essential oil mixes. It's been known to help with depression and anxiety, which totally makes sense because it's quite the uplifting scent.


3. Lavender

Lavender is, without question, the most commonly used essential oil. Its powers are truly remarkable. It calms you, it can put you almost immediately to sleep and it has a universally appealing aroma. Having lavender by your bedside and in your backpack or purse is a must!


4. Peppermint

If your stress is giving you a headache, peppermint's cooling properties are known to ease that tension. In fact, peppermint is right up there with lavender when it comes to the most versatile of essential oils. It also boosts energy and improves mental focus, among more than 20 of its other uses.


5. Sandalwood

Are stressful thoughts overwhelming your mind or is decision-making making you crazy? If all you need is a moment of clarity, sandalwood will bring some peace into your life.


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