Eugenie de Silva, 15-Year-Old Master's Student!

Eugenie de Silva is a college graduate pursuing two master's degrees, and she's only 15 years old!Eugenie de Silva

We spoke with Eugenie recently regarding her education, social life, and how her father's encouragement helped her get to where she is today.

When she was just 3 years old, Eugenie's father recognized that she had huge potential.

"My father recognized that I had the ability to learn faster than others," Eugenie explained.

At the tender age of 3 she started her education at a nursery school in England.

From there, Eugenie just kept learning. Her accelerated academic path allowed Eugenie to complete high school when she was just 11.

Earlier this year, at the age of 14, Eugenie graduated from the American Military University and earned her bachelor's degree in intelligence analysis. She had a perfect GPA.

"I was really excited. It was one of my educational goals," Eugenie said of graduating from college. "The process was amazing. I loved that I was able to be there with the other students and my father."

Eugenie told us she owed much of her success to the efforts of her father, a physics and chemistry professor. Her father has raised her as a single parent since she was little.

"Without my dad, I don't think I'd be where I am today," she said. "He always promoted education in my life, and it's always been one of the first priorities."

When she was very young, Eugenie learned from her father how to conduct research, which she enjoyed from the beginning. She continues to love research, and has published research papers on topics from physics to psychology.

She also co-authored a research book that's currently being used in college-level research courses.

"My father is my idol," Eugenie said. "I really look up to him. I'd like to be like him. He's an amazing person."

Eugenie's father's work has also guided Eugenie's interests indirectly.

"When I was younger my father conducted some research about the intelligence field. It really piqued my interest at a young age," Eugenie said.

Because of that interest and passion, Eugenie would like to become a U.S. intelligence agent, and eventually hopes to be the defense secretary of the United States.

"I could see myself doing that every day," she said. "I want to help the country and learn as much information as I can so I could apply that knowledge to the benefit of the U.S.' interests."

Eugenie and her father also have a tradition of seeing a film at the movie theater each and every weekend.

"We see whatever is showing so we have something to do," Eugenie said. "Most recently, I loved watching The Great Gatsby, but I love all kinds of films. I also love comedies and action. I like horror movies, too."

Despite her advanced education, Eugenie manages to maintain a normal social life. Even though her classmates are generally much older than she is, she has made plenty of friends in college.

"I don't find it that different," she said. "It doesn't affect me. We're all there to learn, and I don't really take age into consideration. A lot of my friends are at university, and they're quite older than I am, but I have friends my own age, too."

Eugenie's dad has always urged Eugenie to reach her educational goals, but to make sure she maintained a normal life at the same time.

"My father has always ensured I had a balance of education and a personal life," Eugenie said. "I try to make sure my social life is as normal as possible. I try to keep education as my first priority, but I go out with friends, I play soccer. It's not like I don't have a normal childhood."

Eugenie is a self-taught pianist, teaching herself how to play the piano from the age of 7.

She's also an author who has written and published two children's books called The Adventures of Princess Eugenie – Part 1 & 2. She's currently finessing a novel for teens offering advice from how to socialize to setting educational goals.

Eugenie is currently pursuing graduate level courses at both Harvard University and the American Military University. She's going for a master's degree in legal studies from Harvard and one in intelligence analysis from AMU.

"I've always wanted to attend Harvard," Eugenie said. "It's a really prestigious university. I'm someone who wants to open my own law firm, so it's a good university to learn much information from experts."

In the future, Eugenie would also love to be a lawyer.

"I want to help others in that way," she said. "Obtaining a master's in legal studies would help me get at least a basic knowledge of the law before heading to law school."

Eugenie plans to finish her master's programs early next year before her 16th birthday and we wish her the best of luck!