Euphoria's Makeup Artist Donni Davy Told Us All About Her Makeup Brand, Half Magic

Euphoria took the world by storm with its innovative and out-of-this-world beauty looks, and that's all thanks in large part to the head makeup artist, Donni Davy.

These days, in addition to being Euphoria's head makeup artist, Donni is also the co-founder of Half Magic, a makeup brand that needs to be on everyone's radars. Donni was kind enough to sit down with us and spill all the tea on Half Magic, her personal makeup routine and more, below!

Sweety High: What does your go-to, everyday makeup look like?

Donni Davy: Glowy and natural—the "clean makeup" trend, aka what most of us have been wearing forever while YouTubers and TikTokkers have been bathing in foundation and baking their concealer. No shade on that, but glad to see a more natural skin look trending now. I wear Colorscience tinted Glow SPF ($42), Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer ($38) to blur my acne scars, and then I'll put just a tiny bit under my eyes. I actually think a little natural darkness right along the lower lash line is beautiful, so I never bring concealer all the way up to my lower lash line. I'll powder my T-zone lightly with Uomo Loose Powder ($29.50), and then use my setting spray, Dew Lock ($20), to melt it all together and give the most gorgeous real-skin glow to my face, while also locking in my makeup.

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My everyday lip is my rosy brown lip shade, Magic Brownie ($32), which I'll throw on my cheeks, too. I always accentuate the arch in my eyebrows, and I'll use any taupe brow pencil that's super skinny. I'm not into the thicker pencils that I've seen a lot of lately. I'll comb my brows up with hairspray or Anastasia Brow Freeze ($23). For lashes, I'll just curl them most days without mascara. My favorite everyday look for my eyelids is anything sheer and sparkly but with a really refined, like finely milled, sparkly pigment. From Half Magic that would be any of our Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paints ($24), or Light Trap ($20), our slightly sparkly highlighter, in the shade Enter the Glow, which I'll use on my eyelids and cheekbones.


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SH: What makeup products do you always keep in your purse?

DD: My very own Half Magic Mouth Cloud in Magic Brownie ($32), as well as a slew of other lip products that seem to build up in my purse, like iNN Beauty's delicious smelling and tasting lip oils. I think my fave is the Candy Apple ($17).

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SH: What's your favorite "going-out" makeup look?

DD: I love a red or hot pink lip, a wash of something shimmery on my lids, and a couple of Half Magic's Face Gems ($12) or a glitter liner to punctuate my lash line. When I go out, I want my makeup to be visually delightful for those around me. I think reflective eye makeup textures are so beautiful at night, especially glitter, and that's a message I want to keep spreading.


SH: What products from Half Magic does every makeup lover need?

DD: You need the LipTrik Kit in Magic Brownie ($32), Light Trap in Spiritually Complex ($20) (try as a blush or highlight moment!), GlitterPill in Money Plz ($20) (our most universally flattering glitter liner/topper shade), and if you love face adornments you have to try our Stick On Rhinestones ($12) that are made with medical grade adhesive. If you're into bold color on your eyes, try Chromaddiction matte in Sky Juice and layer Chromaddiction Shimmer ($24) in Spirit Guide on top.

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SH: Tell us about your LipTrick Kit ($32)! How does it work?

DD: The intimidation with customization comes from not knowing where to start, so Half Magic makes it easy to customize lip color by giving you everything you need to create hundreds of custom colors. Each LipTrick Kit comes with one shade of MOUTH CLOUD Lip Cream, which is a velvety-soft matte, blurring, hydrating cream and a SCULPTITUDE Dual Ended Lip Liner, which has two complementary shades so you can warm up the color of MOUTHCLOUD with one shade or cool it down with the other. We took the guesswork out of customization and all of the products are sold separately too, so once you feel more confident you can experiment with different shades.


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SH: What's your favorite LipTrick Kit combo?

DD: Magic Brownie ($32)! It's a rosy brown, and the perfect starter brown for people who want to try brown lipstick but aren't sure which shade to try. You can really dress it up with the dual-ended lip liners, which are a lighter and a darker brown. So far, everyone I've put it on loves it. The texture of our MOUTH CLOUD lip creams is so comfortable. They're matte, but they feel like a cocoa butter chapstick.

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SH: What summer makeup trend are you loving?

DD: I'm loving the shift toward less foundation and concealer. I think a little natural darkness right around the lash line is actually super flattering, and I think too much brightness under the eyes looks overly polished. My favorite way to wear a bold look is with easy, natural skin. My whole thing is you don't need to have a complete face of products on to wear cool or fun makeup.


SH: Can we expect any new launches from Half Magic coming soon?

DD: Yes, stay tuned! Lots of exciting things are coming. And the best part is that there is something for everyone. You don't have to be Gen Z or a Euphoria fan to use and love Half Magic. Being the creative director and founder of the brand, my goal is to make sure our formulas and shades work beautifully and are wearable for the bold, unbold and those who just want to add a little twinkle to their everyday look.


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

DD: Our campaign "film" (below!) was created with the help of some of my fellow Euphoria crew, including Cinematographer Marcell Rev and Costume Designer Heidi Bivens, who actually directed it. A diverse cast of Assassin-like characters all communicate non-verbally to each other at a gas station in Los Angeles, while wearing killer looks. The climactic moment is when we zoom into a pair of rhinestone-covered eyes, belonging to Ellen, our 77-year-old fierce queen that we cast, alongside the likes of Jeremy O Harris and alternative metal-indie rock musician Sasami.


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