How to Dress Like Your Favorite Euphoria Character at Coachella

Coachella and Euphoria are about to have a major crossover event.

With the rising popularity of Euphoria and its characters (and aesthetic) , makeup looks and styles, there is so much to pull from when it comes to building up a Coachella outfit. If you plan on hitting the festival and want to wear a Euphoria-inspired outfit, continue below to find out how to dress like your favorite character at Coachella, including Cassie, Maddy, Lexi, Jules, Rue and Kat!

Cassie—Pretty Little Thing

While we love Cassie with our whole hearts, the girl is basic. That's why we think she'd rock something simple yet cute. Pretty Little Thing's White Crop Top ($30), Denim Mom Shorts ($38) and Butterfly Clips ($8) are all she needs to have a great time at Coachella. You could easily pull something like this from your closet already—so no shopping necessary!


(via Pretty Little Thing)



Maddy is a petite fashionista who loves to show off all her assets. Plus, the girl always seems to be rocking a killer two-piece-set. That's why we think she'd rock something like Shein's O-Ring Tank and Pants Set ($22), Butterfly Necklace ($3.50) and Purple Rings ($3). The color palette is super vibey and perfect for the festival!


(via Shein)


Lexi—Nasty Gal

How adorable would Lexi and Fez be roaming around the Coachella fields together? She's more modest in style and never shows off too much skin. We're thinking she'd love something like this Nasty Gal White Tennis Skirt ($39), Abstract Blue Mesh Top ($35) and Oversized Satin Bow ($16). This just screams Lexi to us and is pretty easy to put together—in any colors!


(via Nasty Gal)


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Jules—EastnWest Label

We could see Jules showing up to Coachella in a full-on sequin number. And EastnWest Label makes the perfect festival sets. Jules would wear the Verona Bra ($110), Vienna Undies ($76) and Cruise Jacket ($180). All eyes would be on her and she'd snap some amazing photos for her Instagram feed.


(via EastnWestLabel)



When we think of Rue, we picture her in a dark red hoodie. But that simply won't cut it for Coachella! Jules will likely help her find an outfit and end up with something like Cider's Stripe Knitted Tank ($18), Retro Tartan Mini Shorts ($18) and Letter Bucket Hat ($22). It's comfy, casual and gives us all the Rue vibes.


(via Cider)



Kat is still finding herself in terms of her fashion sense, but we've seen her turn again and again to the goth and emo look. That's why we think she'd shop at Killstar! She would look amazing in the Subversa Long Sleeve ($42.99), Ximena Mini Skirt ($52.99) and Fishnet Leggings ($14.99).


(via Killstar)


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