Evangeline Talks 'Mystic,' Fuzzy and Winter Spring Summer or Fall

L.A. singer-songwriter Evangeline made a big splash with her viral debut single "Will" last year, but we firmly believe that 2023 is set to be an even bigger year for the rising star.

Today, Evangeline dropped her new single, "Mystic," with a dreamy, evocative sound that pairs perfectly with her wistful voice as she yearns for a past love, despite fully understanding it was bad for her. The release also came with an announcement of her debut project, Fuzzy, which will release on May 19. It will also feature "Will" and is sure to ring true with even more of Evangeline's insightfully relatable brand of alt-pop. The EP cover features a winged pig, hinting at Evangeline's roots in the California Valley and representing the fact that growing up is a contradiction, with joy, pain, hope, heaviness and hilarity all blended into one experience—not unlike a flying pig.

And in case that wasn't enough, Evangeline also shared her upcoming debut acting role in the romantic drama, Winter Spring Summer or Fall, releasing later this year. The film features Wednesday stars Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White and will feature Evangeline's original music, including live performances, with Percy's character playing a roadie who joins her on tour. We had the pleasure of chatting with Evangeline about all of it, so keep scrolling to check out her upcoming headline tour dates and to read our full interview with the next big thing.

Sweety High: What is the story behind this "Mystic"? What inspired you to write it?

Evangeline: I wrote "Mystic" with my friend David Marinelli. It's about being really hung up on someone who's not in your life anymore. I am criminally good at pretending I am totally fine when I am most certainly not. I don't think anything triggers spirituality quite like grief and heartbreak—when you miss someone, they're always top of mind, and naturally, everything can feel like some sort of cosmic answer to all your unanswered questions about them. David and I wrote this about reaching the point where you're just tired of that feeling following you around.


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SH: What does the song mean to you, and what do you hope it will mean to your listeners?

Evangeline: If someone is feeling hung up on something or someone and can't stop spinning in anxious circles of unanswered questions, I just hope this song makes them feel a little less alone, and maybe even let them laugh at themselves about it. It's funny to accept all the absolutely absurd things it makes us think and do.

Evangeline black and white stripes close up headshot

(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song? Why?

Evangeline: "Missing you turns me into a mystic. I miss when I still thought that all that stuff was bull****." That lyric just really sums up my feeling in a tidy way. Like, yeah, I got my heart broken and so now I guess I just have to read all my fortune cookie fortunes with the same sober level of scrutiny as a blood test."


SH: What can you tease about your upcoming debut EP, Fuzzy?

Evangeline: There's a song on there that I've played live for years. I'm so happy it's on there.


SH: What does the title Fuzzy mean to you? What are the themes of the EP?

Evangeline: Fuzzy sums up a lot about the project for me. Of course, there's the obvious—I recorded nearly all of the project with Dillon Casey and we leaned into the fuzz of vintage gear and tape—but "fuzzy" has always been a word I've loved because while it sounds meaningless, it's actually got a lot of weight. Because what is something that's fuzzy? Something distressed to the point of softness? Something that's difficult to perceive clearly or explain precisely? I love a word that is easily written off but, with a little more consideration, has a lot to offer. I'm rooting for a word like that.

evangeline fuzzy ep cover with pig

(Fuzzy via Evangeline)


SH: What can you tell us about Winter Spring Summer or Fall? What is the film about, and what role do you play in the movie?

Evangeline: WSSF is a story about two people told over the course of four days scattered throughout the four seasons. I play a musician that one of the characters starts working for.


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SH: What was it like to essentially play yourself in the film, and have your music be an integral part of it?

Evangeline: Reality Bites has always been one of my favorite movies, so getting to be part of a romantic drama with a thoughtful soundtrack is satisfying on a level I can't really compute.


SH: What was it like working alongside Wednesday stars Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White for the film?

Evangeline: Jenna and Percy are just really smart and kind. They're also a good hang. We started filming the month before Wednesday came out, and the energy on set couldn't have been more low-key. It was a lot of tossing around music-doc recs, agreeing about Pavement and The Talking Heads, and then onscreen, the two of them could literally read the phone book and I wouldn't want to look away.


SH: With a lot on the horizon, is there any one project you're most excited about this year?

Evangeline: I'm really stoked that the EP will be out this spring and that I'll be doing my first headlining tour through L.A., Chicago and NYC in June. I loved recording these songs, but getting in a room with folks and sharing them live is maybe my favorite part of it all.

Evangeline red top close up headshot

(Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Evangeline: If you're reading this, it's nice to meet you. Let's hang at a show sometime.


Check out info for Evangeline's upcoming shows below, and get your tickets HERE.

  • June 4 – Chicago, Illinois at Golden Dagger
  • June 6 – New York City, New York at Mercury Lounge
  • June 10 – Los Angeles, California at Moroccan Lounge


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