Getting ready for school in the morning is one big, constant struggle. As a result of pressing the snooze button a minimum of five times, we usually only have minutes to get dressed, ready and looking fab—which is not easy in a time crunch!

Girl putting on lipstick

(Photo Credit: Eugene Sergeev via Shutterstock)

Thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, we’ve been able to perfect our quick and easy everyday school makeup look simply by learning from others.

Scroll below to see how five YouTubers get glam in no time!

1. Natural Beauty Look

Leave it to Summer Mckeen to make looking flawless seem easy. Summer’s high school makeup tutorial goes over all the basics like how to get the perfect brows, simple eyeshadow look and full coverage face. You’ll actually look forward to this morning routine. ????


2. Five Minute Makeup (and Hair!)

What if we told you that it was possible to spruce up your hair and makeup in less time than it takes to eat your Cheerios? Well, it’s possible, and YouTuber Danielle Mansuitti is living proof. Her flawless, dewy makeup look and loose curls are completed in only five minutes. Is this some sort of magic trick?!


3. Drugstore Makeup Look

Perhaps the best part of YouTuber Sierra Furtado’s look is she uses products that are most likely already in your makeup bag. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars when you can look good in a flash with drugstore products. Her full look takes less than ten minutes and is ideal for school. Man, this girl is full of beauty tips!


4. Lazy Day Look

YouTuber Lindsey Rem shows us the perfect beauty routine for any girl who would rather sleep in an extra five minutes. Her lazy girl makeup looks–and actually is (mostly)–effortless. You’re a natural beauty, so you won’t need more than the ten products she uses anyway!


5. Five Product Look

Wengie‘s tutorial is perfect for anyone who typically doesn’t wear too much makeup. She uses one palette and five products to complete her full face—pretty incredible! We’re most impressed by this tutorial’s instructions on how to quickly apply a pair of fake lashes to glam up your face. Your classmates will have no idea that you completed your look in a matter of minutes.


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