Every Witch Way Gears Up For New Year Premiere!

Nickelodeon will be kicking off 2014 with a month-long event, beginning with the series premiere of  Every Witch Way!Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way is a new series about a 14-year-old named Emma Alonso. When Emma relocates to Miami, she has to adjust to more than just a new house and a new school. After the surprising discovery that she is a witch, Emma also develops a crush on Daniel Miller, the boy next door.

But Daniel's ex-girlfriend Maddie Van Pelt, who happens to be the leader of a school clique called the "Panthers", also happens to be an evil witch. She's bent on getting the Daniel back, and makes it her mission to make Emma's experience at her new school, Iridium High, a living nightmare.

Emma soon befriends Andi Cruz, a wild and fearless tomboy who loves zombies. The two seem very different in most ways, but become best friends very quickly.

The premiere episode, "Discovery," airs on January 1, 2014 at 7:30pm!

In an unprecedented event, Every Witch Way will air every weeknight beginning January 1, 2014, and conclude before February! We can't wait to check it out!

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