Every Witch Way Season 2 Begins July 7!

Every Witch Way was a huge hit on Nickelodeon when its first season aired in January, and this month it'll be back and better than ever with season 2!Every Witch Way Season 2

Season 2 of Every Witch Way begins on Monday, July 7, and brand-new episodes of the show will premiere on Monday through Friday nights!

In the show's first season, Emma Alonso (Paola Andino) discovered that she was a witch. But after moving and transferring to Iridium High, she discovers that she's not alone!

Now, Emma must take on the responsibility of protecting the mystical Magic Realm, and keeping its existence a secret from the rest of the world!

As Emma masters her magical powers, she must learn to keep them under control, and not fall into the darker side of magic!

But an enigmatic new student from Australia named Jax (played by Rahart Adams) arrives at the school, and will make all of that a little tricky for Emma!

Emma's school rival, Maddie (Paris Smith), who was also a witch, has to deal with a difficult set of new circumstances. She has lost not only her boyfriend, Daniel (Nick Merico), but also her magical powers!

With some massive mystical events on the horizon, season two will be ever more enchanting than the first!

Check out a clip from season 2 below, and click here to check out our season 1 interview with Paola Andino here! You can also join us at SweetyHigh.com to share all of your favorite moments and photos from Every Witch Way!

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