Everything to Know About the Power of Superfood Cosmetics

You've probably seen the word "superfood" at the grocery store or on the menu at your local health haunt.

Well, as the name implies, these highly touted ingredients are good for your health, inside and out. But these noteworthy foods aren't just for eating. They're also something you can look for in your beauty products.

Sweety High spoke with Purlisse founder, Jennifer Yen, at the Beverly Hills launch of her new, superfood-packed cosmetics line, YENSA. The beauty maven gave us the lowdown on the powerful properties of these foods, and why you should start incorporating them into your routine.

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Sweety High: What's the importance of superfoods when it comes to your skin? And when it comes to your mood and mind?

Jennifer Yen: I'm a firm believer that outer beauty mirrors inner health. Superfoods are vital for your health, energy and healthy gut. When you eat healthy, you feel healthy, which boosts radiance in your skin. And when you feel and look great, of course this will boost your mood.

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SH: How did you come up with the ingredients for your YENSA products?

JY: While I was pregnant with my daughter, my mother fed me eight black superfoods: black Sesame, black mushrooms, black tea, black rice, black seaweed, Korean black raspberry, chia seeds and nettle, and I felt healthier and my skin was luminous. This inspired me to infuse these black superfoods into YENSA Cosmetics.

SH: How did the concept for YENSA come to be?

JY: I'm a former TV actress who played a villainess on Power Rangers, which wrecked my skin, from the heavy makeup and bright lights. Then, years later, I was pregnant with my daughter and I felt depleted. Once again, I was faced with troubled skin, and my mother fed me eight black superfoods.

This lead me to start YENSA, which is inspired by last name, meaning color and face in Chinese. YENSA is the superfood cosmetic—it's cosmetics meets superfood science. Each product is infused with eight superfoods. The eight represents good luck, prosperity and infinite possibilities in Chinese culture.

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SH: What are the three most universally important superfoods and why?

JY: Kefir and probiotics to keep the gut healthy; black tea to help with digestion—and it's a powerful antioxidant; and avocados are loaded in potassium, B Vitamins and essential, healthy fats that keep you full.

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SH: Not that we'd ever have a reason to eat your products, but, technically speaking, are they edible?

JY: No, because we created this with superfood science to deliver results topically for your skin. It works to improve your skin over time, even while wearing makeup.


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