What to Do When Your Ex Makes Things Awkward

Breakups might be hard, but dealing with your ex after a split presents a whole new set of challenges.

It doesn't matter who ended things, seeing your ex after a breakup is inherently uncomfortable. The best thing you can do is keep it cool, smile and get out of there as fast as you can.

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But what do you do when your ex isn't willing to just let things go? Scroll below for some tips on how to deal when your ex makes things awkward.

Acknowledge the Situation

The first step to improving your relationship is acknowledging that your ex is doing something to make things awkward. It's easier to pretend that things aren't weird, but refusing to acknowledge your discomfort will only make the awkwardness extend longer. You can even casually bring the subject up to your ex by cracking a joke about the tension in the air. Allowing yourself to laugh about the post breakup weirdness might help to improve things!


Be Confident

If your ex is making you feel uncomfortable, hiding or stumbling through the conversation will only make things worse. Instead, hold your head up high and show them that you're doing well, and that their attempts to make you nervous are falling flat. Whether you still want to be friends, you can live with having them around or you don't want anything to do with them, you need to decide where your post-breakup relationship is going and then be confident enough to make your position clear to your ex.

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Always Have Friends Around

If your ex is making things weird, your friends are the perfect buffer. Your ex will be much less likely to make any kind of awkward comment if you have a larger group of people around you, and your besties will be able to assist you with a graceful exit if things are still tense. Spending time in a group is also a good way to get past the initial awkwardness following a breakup.


Set Some Boundaries

Sometimes, the awkwardness between you and your ex can only be fixed by having a one-on-one conversation. It's okay to pull your ex aside or shoot them a text message asking to discuss your strained relationship. Then, you can tell them what they have been doing that makes you uncomfortable and set some boundaries so the behavior doesn't continue in the future.

Whether your ex is trying to talk to you too much or refuses to talk to you at all, communicating the awkwardness and setting firm expectations about the future of your relationship will help them understand where you're coming from. They might even be able to suggest some changes you could make as well, so your new relationship can be as free from awkwardness as possible.

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Take the High Road

If your ex is being rude or petty following your breakup, responding in an equally spiteful manner will only make things worse. Instead, taking the high road will ultimately make you feel better, and will leave your ex unable to criticize your response. Taking the high road means that you don't brag about how great your life is now, you don't bring up problems that occurred during your relationship and you don't disclose hurtful details about your ex to your peers. Instead, be as polite and kind to them as you possibly can, and save the gossip for your next phone call with your friends.


Remove Yourself From the Situation

If you've tried everything and your ex is still making things awkward, it is more than okay to remove yourself from the situation. You can create a subtle removal strategy, like texting your best friend that you need to get out of there, or you can outright tell your ex that they're making you uncomfortable and walk away. You reserve the right to excuse yourself from any situation that you don't want to be in, and maybe your ex will eventually get the hint and stop the awkward behavior.


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