What to Do If Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone

Breakups happen all the time—it's a part of life that we all have to get used to. Some of us, however, handle it much better than others.

Enter the crazy ex. At one point, you spent all of your time together, you might have even been in love. However, that love faded because you either grew apart, there was jealousy, commitment issues or a myriad of other valid reasons. You're totally over it at this point, but they, on the other hand, are not—hence, how they keep hitting you up.

If you find yourself in this predicament, keep reading for what to do when your ex won't leave you alone.

1. Have a Candid Convo With Them About Why You Broke Up in the First Place

If your ex broke up with you completely out of the blue, you were probably devastated at first. But time went by and you were eventually able to move on. Why is it that exes always decide to come back into our lives when we're finally happy?

Whether they realized they made a huge mistake (which they did), or they simply miss you, they'll likely try to pick up where things left off. If you're truly over your ex and want to get on with the next chapter of your life, be clear. Remind them of why you broke up in the first place.

2. Let Them Know You're Uncomfortable

If the first step works for a while but they get back to their old habits, it's time to have another conversation. It's vital to be super blunt in this instance because a lot of people don't know how to take the hint. Tell them they're making you uncomfortable. Maybe you're in a new relationship or you simply want them out of your lives—whatever the reason is, it's up to you on what to decide.

Hopefully, once they understand they're making you feel anxious and uneasy, they'll respect your space and give you some privacy.

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3. Block Them on All Social Media Platforms

This may seem a bit dramatic, but it works wonders. By blocking your ex on all forms of social media, you're removing them from your feed, and, more importantly, yourself from their feed. Without the constant reminder of how awesome you are, they might not be as tempted to reach out to you at all hours of the day.

Don't feel awkward doing this. It doesn't mean you hate them or they're going to remain blocked forever, but for the time being, it's the best thing to do for yourself.

4. Block Their Phone Number

It's a harsh world we live in. Sometimes, the only way to truly get your ex to stop contacting you is by biting the bullet and blocking their number. This stops them from calling you, leaving you unwarranted voicemails and sending you texts during the middle of the night.

It's basically an additional layer of protection for yourself, as it's the truest form of ghosting someone. Once they no longer have the option to harass you over the phone, they'll give up. That is, of course, except for the select special few who resort to getting new numbers or using other people's phones to contact you. But that's a whole other issue we'll save for another day.

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5. Consistency Is Key

In order to form a habit, consistency is key. The same can be said for getting an ex to leave you alone. By constantly ignoring their advances and not giving them the time of day, they will (hopefully) eventually become worn out and give up. If every now and then you like a photo on Instagram, reply to their texts and so on, they will never stop. That's why it's so vital to cut the cord. Brutal, we know.


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