Why Study? Procrastinate By Looking at These Memes About Exams Instead

Serious question: Who invented exams? I just wanna talk.

I'm a little unsure why someone would want to torture innocent children with these endless, annoying tests.

Unfortunately, exams are just an unavoidable part of attending school. So if you can't beat 'em, at least you can laugh about them.

Keep scrolling for 14 memes about exams that are the perfect way to procrastinate from studying just a little longer.

1. This should work, right?

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2. That's exactly the point:

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3. It's a vicious cycle:


4. Oops:

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5. Wasn't it obvious?

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6. There is no worse feeling:


7. Not even close:

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8. Just one more episode:


9. A wrong answer is better than no answer:


10. That wasn't supposed to happen:

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11. All that doing nothing really tired us out:

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12. Whaaaaatttt?

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13. It's always the ones you don't think you need to know:


14. We might've overestimated our abilities:


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