Exclusive: Matt Bennett Regrets Some Past Mistakes

It's not easy being the lovable, cute, and funny actor on one of Nickelodeon's hit TV shows. Especially when you have intense fans following your every move…Sweety High included.

Matt Bennett has become Sweety High's favorite star to watch and when we hear about something that's upsetting him, we have to share. The latest dilemma this star is facing is his battle with…SPELLING.

This is not something that can be talked about lightly. After all, the Victorious star is an avid book reader. The adorbs hipster-in-training went to to his twitter to talk about his disappointment, saying, "I hate looking at past tweets and seeing spelling errors."

It's okay Matt. We'll support you no matter what! Everyone makes mistakes. Stars take those mistakes and learn from them! Thanks for being such a great role model.