The 6 Best Excuses to Use When You Want to Rekindle a Friendship

With the busy lives we have and the many people we meet every day, it makes sense that many friendships come and go.

There are times when we're positive a friendship is over for good, and then there are other instances that leave us scratching our heads, wondering what happened. Whether it's distance, a new friend group, relationship or other reason we've grown apart, there are always those few people in our lives who we long to reconnect with.


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But in many cases, it's not as simple as picking up the phone and inviting someone for coffee. Sometimes we need a specific reason to text these faces from our past.

If you're struggling to come up with the courage to hit up an old friend, keep scrolling for six excuses you can use to rekindle an old friendship.

1. The Anniversary of Something Memorable You Did Together

Anniversaries aren't just for couples! If you approach the date of an incredible trip you took with a friend, or of when you two first met, reaching out to tell them you're thinking of the fun times you shared is a great way to break the ice.

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2. Hearing a Song That You Shared or That They Love

Nothing brings people together quite like music, and letting someone know they're on your mind because you heard their favorite song or a song you associate with your friendship is sure to bring a smile to their face. From there, the convo may lead to fun memories that accompany the classic track.


3. Running Into Someone You Both Know

If you cross paths with a mutual friend or acquaintance and they ask about your former close pal, it's the perfect opportunity to let the friend know who you encountered. From there, the friend will probably ask how that person is doing, and it will hopefully lead to conversation about how they are doing, and maybe you two will catch up.


4. Being Invited to the Same Event

If you have a feeling you may see an old friend at a party or event, stop a potentially awkward run-in from happening by reaching out to them in advance. If indeed they are attending, you'll have already gotten the initial small-talk out of the way via text, and it will hopefully lead to friendly chatter in person—and if they aren't going, hopefully you reaching out to them will open the door for further communication and give them the sense you were hoping to see them.

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5. Reading Big News About Their Fave Celeb

Pretty much everyone has a musician, actor or social media star they worship—even if it's just one. If you spot something eye-catching about them in the news or in one of their social feeds, this is a perfect opportunity to stir up a conversation with one of their biggest fans. Not only will they be excited to discuss whatever's going on with the celeb they admire, but they'll likely appreciate your friendly gesture.

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6. Just Wanting to Tell Them How Much You Miss Them

If beating around the bush isn't your forte, then get right to the point by texting them that you miss them. Chances are, they're missing you as well, and hopefully your straightforward honesty will inspire them to engage in further convo with you. Even if for some reason they don't share your sentiments, at least you put yourself out there. It's better to show a little vulnerability with the hopes of getting what you want, than to hold back and miss out on a possible reconnection.


If you end up successful in reconnecting with your former pal, HERE are six ways to instantly become a better friend to them.