Looking For an Excuse to Hit Up Your Crush? Here Are the 6 Best Times to Text

Timing is crucial when it comes to texting your crush.

While some brave souls just send texts to the people they like whenever they feel like it, we're not so daring. Sometimes it feels like we simply need some kind of cosmic signal telling us it's okay.

Are you waiting for that perfect moment to start the next convo with your crush? This list will help you identify those moments and finally seize them.

Every Holiday Ever

It might sound silly, but a holiday is the perfect excuse to get in touch with your crush via text. Whether it's a big one when you're spending time apart, like Christmas or New Year's Eve, or a holiday you don't even get a day off for, like St. Patrick's Day, it's worth letting them know you're thinking of them without letting them know you're thinking of them too much.

If you're having trouble thinking of an original message for them, just Google some ideas (or even click here for our tips) to take the pressure off. And though Valentine's Day may be a little on the nose, even that's worth a try. You never know if it might be the day they finally reciprocate your feelings.

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil: Star Looking at her Phone

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Their Birthday

Do not forget to text your crush on their birthday! If you're already close, be sure to wish them a happy birthday early on and tease your present for them. If you're not, shoot them a message that cleverly lets them know you didn't forget. Picking the perfect birthday message can be tough, but we've come up with a bunch of birthday text options here that should make things easier for you.


When You Discover Something They'd Love

We'd be the first to admit that we're constantly stumbling upon links to things we know our crushes would love. If you run into a meme or a funny picture that instantly reminds you of your crush, don't be afraid to send it their way to see if your impression was right. They might get a kick out of it and see that you totally get them. Of course, you don't want to be doing this all of the time if you're not already super close. Time your texts with discretion.

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When They've Missed School

If you don't spot your crush in class, it's a great opportunity to jump in and be helpful. Simply let them know you noticed they weren't in class and offer to let them know if there are any new assignments, or share some insights on what they missed. If a real conversation arises from it, then you can start doing a little digging as to why there were out. Everyone appreciates a little sympathy when they're sick.


Before a Big Event

If your crush is involved in extracurriculars and a big event is coming up, don't be afraid to share some words of encouragement. Whether they're about to head off for a big sports game, play their instrument of choice in a music recital or get on stage for the school play, let them know you wish them the best of luck. Even if they feel like you're just being friendly, it never hurts to encourage cheer on the people you care about.

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After Seeing Them in Public

If you spotted your crush out and about and didn't have the nerve to say something then and there, don't let the opportunity slip away from you. Send a text asking whether you really did just see them and see if that leads to a dialogue. You might discover you have more in common than you previously thought.


Still don't feel ready? Click HERE for sweet and simple first texts to your crush.