How to Transform Your Bedroom From Pretty Princess to Next-Level Chic

By the time we're seniors in high school, we're completely different from who we were as insecure little freshmen.

And our growth in maturity, confidence, interests and life experience should be reflected in our living spaces. Sporting that Princess Peach bedspread was perfectly suited for you when you were 14, but now that you're on the verge of adulthood and soon going off to college, it may be time to rethink a style that youthful.

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time, so you want it to be a haven that represents where you are currently in your life. Let go of those freshman vibes and ease on into styles that represent how you've grown as a person and where you are now.

Easier said than done, right? Well, because we aren't interior designers either, we've enlisted the aid of expert Brittaney Elise, who gave us five major pointers to focus on when it comes to giving your sleeping space an age-appropriate makeover.

Read her detailed tips in her own words below!


With your parents' permission and help, I recommend painting an accent wall or all four walls of your bedroom for the easiest, quickest, least expensive option to spruce up your space. Color trends change annually, so check out Pantone's forecast to stay ahead of the trends. Right now, I'm loving olive green and Alice in Wonderland-ey vibes. Blush pink is also still the new black, so this has my vote.

If you're into patterns, temporary wallpaper is also a fab option, and mom won't get mad because it's literally just a giant sticker—totally non-damaging—but grab a friend or two for this one and order some food because it's definitely a full-day project. Either way, you'll be happy with the huge difference a splash of color will make!



Another way to change things up is with new bedding. I'm very into a floral-patterned sheets set, while keeping the duvet a simple, clean white. Fold the flat sheet layered over the north side of your duvet or comforter, and finish off with two to three accent pillows that pull from one of the colors in your sheets and voilà!



Once you clear out your stuff from years past and create closet bins or drawers for it, you'll feel like a totally different person in your space. Out with the old, in with the new. Make space on your bulletin board and in your photo frames for new memories and achievements.


Photos and Frames

Continue the theme of switching out old photos—maybe they're a mix of some of your fave family and friends photos, plus some inspirational ones. Take time to edit them all in the same filter (I like VSCO's "A6" filter—or do a classic black and white so that your new wall colors pop even more), and head over to (or keep it simple at to update all of your frames to match—or update one of your walls to be a dedicated mini-gallery wall.



The amount of affordable must-have lamps and ceiling fixtures lately has blown my mind. Check out the Emily + Merrit collection at or the gorgeous options at for some of my recent faves that will make a huge difference.

Another trick: Google "[insert any color you want here] lamp shades" for lamp shades ranging from $10 to $40 each, for an easy switch to the standard white lamp shade that typically comes with most lamps.


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