The Thundermans' Kira Kosarin Engages In Extreme Tai Chi!

The Thundermans star Kira Kosarin appears in "Extreme Tai Chi," a new online comedy sketch with Allisyn Ashley Arm!kira kosarin extreme tai chi

Allisyn is an actress best known for her work on Disney Channel'Sonny With a Chance and So Random. Lately, she's created a web series as hipster vlogger Astrid Clover.

In "Extreme Tai Chi," Astrid and her pals work on their inner energy for better balance on their penny boards. 

To accomplish this, they decide to engage in tai chi in the most extreme way possible, which means standing together in the middle of the street, imitating a traffic cop as he waves vehicles through.

Kira can't be missed in her thick glasses, bright red lipstick, and furry fox hat, but things get a bit out of hand when someone gets hit by a car!

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