6 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks For Girls With Brown Eyes

You've got beautiful brown eyes, but what eye makeup should you wear to accompany them?

Certain shadows and liners can really make your brown eyes pop. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Navy Blue

Navy blue shadow is having a total moment right now, thanks to Kim Kardashian West's collab with Makeup by Mario. Their KKWxMario palette features a striking shade of cobalt blue, and it's no surprise because Kim has dark brown eyes. The splash of cobalt makes brown eyes really stand out.

Rust Shadow

Rust will look good on all brown eyes, but if you have yellow or green specs around your iris, then rust will really make your eyes take center stage. Rust is made of copper, gold and brick red, so it really accentuates those hazel colors in your eyes.

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Smoked Out Liner

One of the major perks of having brown eyes is that you can pull off darker makeup looks without looking super overdone. A smokey liner looks so good with your dark eyes, just use a deep gray shadow and smoke out the rims of your eyes for a brooding night getup.

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Purple Shadow

Something about purple and brown makes the prettiest pairing. It really makes the brown iris stand out, and also makes the whites of your eyes look super white.

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Blue Liner

Looking for a look that's totally fire? Then teal-blue eyeliner is for you. Look how much it makes brown eyes light up!

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Golden Shadows

Sometimes it's the simplest shimmers that pack the most punch. Gold looks absolutely divine with gold eyes, because it basically makes them sparkle. This is a great everyday makeup look to lean on if you want eyes that make people look twice.

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