I Wore Bright Blue Eyebrows For a Whole Day

Okay I'll be honest, I was hesitant about the colorful eyebrow trend from the start.

Colorful brows sound downright crazy, am I right? But, for some reason, my interest was piqued and I really wanted to test the waters and try this trend.

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Because colorful eyebrows are so easy to apply—you literally use a cream eyeshadow in the color of your choice and apply like you would apply any sort of brow gel or wax—I decided to take this trial a bit further and wear my colorful brows around all day!


Before Colorful Eyebrows


Colorful blue eyebrow trend

I used a blue cream eyeshadow, similar to this one from Charlotte Tilbury, to create the look. I decided to go with blue because my hair is bright red, and I envisioned yellow looking like ketchup and mustard and pink resembling the human version of Strawberry Shortcake. So, blue it was! After applying the cream shadow to my brows for fullness with an angled liner brush, I used Covergirl Katy Kat Eye mascara in Perry blue to coat and define my brow hairs for a more piecey brow look.

Cream blue eyeshadow angled eyeliner brush

Okay, now for the test: an entire day sporting blue brows. Here's how it went…

I work from home most days, so I don't have a ton of interaction with people unless I leave the house for a meeting, to get food or to grab coffee. Because I wanted to see how people would react to my brows, I worked from home in the morning, and then took a break midday to go to Starbucks and run some errands.

Colorful eyebrows at home Allison McNamara work from home

I walked up to the cashier to proudly order my iced black tea with my blue brows in place, and to my dismay, the lady at the cashier didn't even bat a lash. Seriously, didn't even glance at them. I even took my time looking for my credit card to see if she would cop a looksy at them but… nope!

I guess these days celebrities and influencers do do some pretty crazy stuff with hair and makeup, so perhaps colorful brows are mild in the grand scheme of things? Also, I live in Hollywood and people here are used to the craziest of crazies.

I waited around for my iced tea, and made eye contact with a few fellow Starbucks-goers, but no one seemed to care at all. UGH. Then finally, as I was obnoxiously taking some selfies inside the Starbies, an older man about 55-years-old briskly walked past me commenting, "nice brows." Score! At least I got a reaction, right?

Colorful eyebrows at Starbucks

After, I ran a few errands, including the dry cleaners and the post office. No one looked at me out of the ordinary, and TBH, I kind of forgot I even had them on all together.

In the car colorful blue eyebrows

When I got home, I went on a walk to the park with my dog Billie, and completely forgot I was even wearing them until I snapped a photo of us—isn't she cute?

Colorful Eyebrows at Dog Park

The final test… dinner! Yes, I wore blue eyebrows out to dinner. Nothing too exciting to report back here, but I will say this was the only time throughout the day where I started to feel a bit self-conscious and secretly wanted to wash them off. Ironically, it was also super dark in there and no one could see them anyways, so I'm not sure why I felt particularly insecure.

colorful eyebrows blue at dinner

My final notes on this trend: First, I'm not sure I'm even that into the look, at least on me. Sure, it's fun and out there, but I don't think it's very flattering for my complexion and it's a bit too editorial for everyday. I can see myself doing this for a costume party or maybe even New Years (gold or silver brows, anyone?) but definitely wouldn't sport colorful brows to a casual coffee meeting or a day at work.

Blue Colorful Eyebrows Allison Mcnamara

Second, in my day of wearing the colorful brows, I noticed I definitely got more glances from men than women. Women seemed to not care one bit, and the men who noticed didn't seem to really care, they just gave me inquisitive looks. I also realized I looked like a blue monster because I wore a long denim shirt and denim culottes with this look. I looked insane!

Third, I found myself wanting people to notice me, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps that's the point—when you make a crazy statement, like rocking blue brows, you want the satisfaction of people noticing or commenting on them, and because I didn't really get the reaction I wanted out of people, I ended the day feeling unsatisfied.


While I'm clearly not that into colored brows, one trend I'm totally going to rock on repeat is THIS rainbow eye makeup look that you won't want to miss!