Here's What Happened When We Tried Kardashian-Level Eyelash Extensions

Eyes are the windows to our soul they say, so it's natural that I've always been fascinated by eyelashes on the red carpet.

The Kardashians are examples of girls who bat their voluminous sets and create a look all of on their own. These girls can go makeup-free, but the length and boldness of their lashes will always make them look perfectly done-up. I've always been envious of this look but I was under the impression something like this would require a lot of time and maintenance. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to seriously look into the process.

Enter Maud's, the cutest shop in my work neighborhood. I drive past it almost every day and always wondered what getting my lashes there would be like. A few minutes on their Instagram and I was convinced they would be the perfect place to learn more about the process. I booked an appointment and headed there one sunny afternoon.

Eyelash shop

I entered the service room and my eyelash artist discussed the different looks we could achieve. The options seemed endless: Cat eye? Round eye? Dramatic eye? All of these were possible. We settled on a cat eye shape (longer along the outer edges) that wasn't too dramatic.

Fake lash applicationShe got to work applying a primer and explained that the actual lashes I would be receiving are unlike traditional false eyelashes. These particular extensions are way ahead of the curve and were designed to completely mimic your own natural eyelashes. I was also relieved to hear that these lashes don't hurt animals as they don't use any animal fur or "mink" like others do.

Fake Eyelash extension applicaitonThe second step was securing my lower lashes with a big white strip so they wouldn't get glued by mistake. This was by far the most awkward part of the treatment, but not painful at all. After I got used to the sensation, it was easy to forget the big strip that was holding my lower lashes down.

Eyelash tools

Using a special adhesive, every single eyelash strand is applied one by one. This is done directly on top of your individual eyelashes, creating a very natural look. The glue never touches your skin or eyelid, making the process very easy on your eyes. Instead, the lashes are supposed to fall down naturally according to your own lash cycle.

fake eyelash extensionAfter about 30-40 minutes on each eye, I grew to admire my lash artist's patience. She expertly coached me through the processes and informed me of what every step would feel like. She would dry the lashes with a tiny handheld blowdryer a bit larger than the size of a cell phone.

I stood up after my second eye was done and I couldn't believe what I saw! My face looked instantly refreshed, but very natural. I felt like I wouldn't need much makeup if I decided to hit the town later. A couple of days into the treatment, the lashes feel like they are all mine. I forget I'm wearing them until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and totally fall in love with my new eyelashes all over again. The verdict is in, and this is definitely one beauty treatment I'm going to repeat.


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