Easy Ways to Get Fuller Lashes Without Falsies

Who doesn't love thick, long, full lashes?

Isn't this the reason why we apply mascara each day? And sometimes we don't even stop with two coats of mascara—cue the the eyelash curler, fake eyelashes and in some cases, even eyelash extensions!

Girl brushing lashes

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But what if we told you you could get fuller lashes without the extremes of glue and intense adhesives? The tips below tell you just how to get your dream lashes by using a mix of DIY items at home and beauty store products.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing your lashes with a spoolie or a soft bristle eyelash brush increases the blood circulation to your eyelashes, which brings more nutrients to the hair follicle and results in the growth of your lashes. Gently brush your lashes twice a day for about three to five minutes each session to start seeing results.

Soft brush wand for lashes

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil has been used for years to help eyelashes grow because it fights off the microorganisms that hinder hair growth. Use a clean brush to apply castor oil to your eyelashes at night, and make sure to wash it off the next morning. You should start seeing results in two to three months.

Castor Oil for Hair growth

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Eyelid Massage

We're not kidding! Just like massaging your scalp helps stimulate hair growth, massaging your eyelids helps stimulate lash growth! Apply a few drops of aforementioned castor oil and massage your lids for five to seven minutes every night.


The Baby Powder Trick

If you're impatiently waiting for your lashes to grow thicker and longer on their own, there's always the age old baby powder trick. Apply two coats of mascara, and then dab on a little bit of baby powder to your lashes to increase the size and length of the lash hairs, and then finish off with a final coat of mascara. Tip: make sure you're using an all-natural, plant based formula like one produced by The Honest Company.

Organic Baby Powder from Honest Company

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Minking is the technique of using two different colors of mascara to achieve a fuller looking lash line. Start off using a brown mascara, and then mink it with black mascara. The two colors create dimension and make your lashes look full and pretty.

Black brown mascara minking

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Olive Oil to Darken Lashes

Did you know that using olive oil on your eyelashes can actually make them appear darker? Who needs to wear mascara or get their lashes tinted when you have olive oil in the kitchen! Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, which will keep your lovely lashes looking dark and healthy.

Olive oil for lashes

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Aloe Vera for Length and Moisture

Aloe vera is chock full of vitamins and nutrients that help boost lash growth. Apply aloe vera at night to your lashes and wash off in the morning! Tip: aloe vera is great for a variety of skin needs–it makes a great primer underneath makeup and also heals scrapes and cuts!

Aloe Vera on lashes

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Clear Primer

Don't overlook clear mascara primer! This goes on before your mascara or powder, and adds a ton of volume to your lashes. We like Tarte's Opening Act.

Taste clear mascara primer

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Apply Mascara on Top Of Lashes

Most people apply mascara underneath their top lash line. After you've done that, take your wand and apply mascara on top of your lashes. Getting your lashes from every angle will make them look their fullest.

Brushing top of lashes with wand

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Don't Forget the Corners!

Make sure you are getting the inner and outer corners of your lash line. Those little hairs can add a ton of volume and drama to your look. Make-up Forever's mascara has a tapered wand that allows you to really get into the tiny corners!

Makeup-Forever tapered wand

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Now that you've got your lashes covered, keep the beautifying going by finding your perfect signature scent HERE!